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Best College Essay Writing Service: Top 5 Paper Writing Companies

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Essay writing can be particularly challenging for some people, but it is almost impossible to avoid. While not everyone learns to write essays effectively in high school, they still need to rely on well-written essays to gain admission to college, for example. Even some jobs require the occasional foray into academic writing.

Between hands-on research and surveying the experiences of others, we’ve identified five top-rated college essay writing services that prove particularly useful to those who need professional help developing well-written essays. The best is PaperHelp, but four others may prove worthy depending on the requirements of the essay.

Here are the best essay writing services for college papers that you can find in 2023:

  1. PaperHelp: Best Overall
  2. EssayNoDelay: Versatile Service, Wide Subject Variety
  3. EssayPro: Best for Rush Orders
  4. 99Papers: Great Loyalty Program
  5. MyAdmissionsEssay: Best for College Application Essays

The Top Online Essay Writing Services for College Papers

As a college student, you are likely swamped with essays, research papers, lab reports, literature reviews, and other tasks. If you can’t find enough time for your academic writing assignments, find them difficult or want to improve your grades, these companies will help you.

#1. PaperHelp: The Best Essay Writing Service in 2023

Even those people who are just vaguely familiar with professional essay writing services may have heard of PaperHelp before. As perhaps the most popular company among American college students, it works to maintain its reputation by offering a wide array of writing services at different academic levels.

Users even have the freedom to determine the quality of their essays, choosing writers at three levels. Those people who don’t want to shell out for the site’s best essay writers will still receive quality, plagiarism-free papers in as little as three hours (if they are willing to pay extra for the swift turnaround). Users can also refer or resell to friends for extra discounts or income.

Ultimately, PaperHelp not only leads the competition by a wide margin, but it proves particularly valuable to those requiring essays in multiple subjects on short notice or those wishing to make a little extra income from friends needing college paper writing services.

Primary Features

  • Money-back guarantee if unhappy with your essay
  • Unlimited free revisions
  • Competitive rates
  • Uses Turnitin to provide plagiarism reports
  • Discounts and cash rewards for referrals
  • Several popular payment methods accepted


  • Offers calculations and problem-solving
  • Order anything from high school essays to PhD papers
  • Completely anonymous
  • Offers loyalty credits for discounts on future orders
  • Encryption-protected transactions for extra security


  • Plagiarism reports cost extra
  • Loyalty credits can take time to add up

How PaperHelp Works

Before placing an order, PaperHelp asks customers to select the level of writing they require and the estimated deadline in a price calculator. This provides users with an upfront quote, so they can determine if PaperHelp’s academic writing services fall within their budget before even outlining their essay requirements.

After ordering and submitting payment, users can contact their assigned essay writer as needed with any details they forgot to include. Depending on their preferences, they’ll have the option of receiving updates via email or SMS text messaging.

Upon receiving their paper, users receive loyalty credits to earn 5-15% discounts off future purchases. They can also leave feedback on their experience for an extra 7% off their next order.

Price (8.7/10)

Like any other essay writing company on this list, PaperHelp charges depending on the required services. While high school essays begin at $10 per page, professional essays start at $21 per page. Editing costs significantly less, ranging from $6 to $13 per page.

Calculations and problem-solving tasks are significantly more expensive, ranging from $15 to $32 per problem.

These prices can go up significantly for rushed deadlines. For example, a three-hour turnaround on a high school essay will run $40 per page, while a professional paper with the same deadline will run $57 per page. So while some academic writing companies charge even more, PaperHelp is not the cheapest website.

PaperHelp’s weakest point is the extra cost charged for necessary essay elements. The company charges $10 for a table of contents, $15 for an abstract, and $10 for a plagiarism report. Most frustratingly, it charges $5 per source to provide the sources used.

Deadline (9.5/10)

PaperHelp allows users to set their deadline on the same day they’re making their order. While the clock on the price calculator will automatically set to 12 hours from the order time if chosen by date, PaperHelp can deliver essays in as little as 3 hours. The company maintains this promise for papers no longer than 5-6 pages. Only a few legit essay writing services are professional enough to deliver academic papers on such short notice.While the turnaround time is fantastic, some users will find the added price fails to justify it completely. Although PaperHelp may return papers much faster than most competitors, rush delivery won’t be cheap. Therefore, those wishing to pay base prices must allow at least a two-week turnaround time.

Overall Quality (9.4/10)

The value of PaperHelp’s base costs and turnaround time have an inverse relationship that some users may find frustrating, but the overall quality of the writing speaks for itself. In addition, while competitors such as EssayNoDelay may offer a slightly more diverse array of essay services, PaperHelp does so at a lower base cost per page.

In addition to providing some of the most quality essays from all its competitors, PaperHelp seems to understand the need to adapt to changing times. Its encryption-based transactions strengthen the promise of confidentiality and offer enhanced cybersecurity in an age when online security sometimes feels more fragile than ever.

Who Should Use PaperHelp?

Because of the wide array of paper writing services available, anyone can use PaperHelp for nearly any topic. However, it works best for those who anticipate making multiple orders on a diverse range of subjects or know others needing essay writing services and wish to profit from the referrals.

#2. EssayNoDelay: Experts from a Wide Variety of Academic Fields

While EssayNoDelay may not be as well-known as PaperHelp, it is a trusted essay writing service that is certainly not unfamiliar to those seeking assistance with academic essays. This brand name appears on numerous lists detailing the best paper writing services, and for a good reason.

At the time of review, EssayNoDelay’s front page boasts 5 stars on Sitejabber and 4.9 stars on This college paper writing service can fulfill various writing needs, from dissertations to creative writing, with quick turnaround times and affordable prices. In addition, EssayNoDelay offers a stress-free money-back guarantee if anything goes wrong.

What’s great about this academic writing company is that it allows you to earn money by referring your friends and fellow students. EssayNoDelay will pay you a 10% commission from every order your referrals place. Additionally, to make referring friends easier, your personal referral code gives them a 10% discount.

Primary Features

  • The diverse array of professionals covering multiple subjects
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Absolute privacy policy
  • Invited friends receive 10% discounts
  • Referring friends gets you 10% of their order


  • Returns papers in as little as 6 hours
  • EssayNoDelay covers more subjects and papers than PaperHelp
  • Free revisions if needed
  • The reseller program pays both you and your referral


  • Slightly more expensive than PaperHelp
  • Charges extra to reuse the same writer
  • STEM papers cost 20% more than regular ones

How EssayNoDelay Works

EssayNoDelay is a professional essay writing service that is quite similar to PaperHelp. Like PaperHelp, the website provides a price calculator that allows users to receive a quote on their project before submitting their specific requirements.

Once users outline their essay requirements and submit payment, EssayNoDelay will assign the essay to a professional essay writer with a bachelor’s degree or higher (depending on essay requirements) and at least a 3.0 GPA. The customer then has access to free 24/7 support, allowing them to constantly check in on how their paper is going.

After receiving their paper, the user can let EssayNoDelay know whether they are satisfied. EssayNoDelay will refund 50-100% of the user’s initial fees if the paper fails to meet deadlines or ignores particular requirements.

Price (8.8/10)

EssayNoDelay offers services slightly higher than PaperHelp, with base prices typically running at little more than $1-2 per page. However, most essay writing services do still cost significantly more. For instance, those needing help with a basic coding problem for a computer science class will find EssayNoDelay’s prices completely unreasonable, with all problems involving numerous common coding languages fixed at a $250 minimum cost per problem.

Deadline (9.2/10)

Although the minimum 6-hour turnaround time for essays of up to 5 pages is twice as long as the minimum offered by PaperHelp, it’s not so much longer as to warrant a significantly lower score. Many competitors offer similar promises as EssayNoDelay, and a majority of those ordering papers likely won’t have so little time to spare in the first place.

More importantly, EssayNoDelay’s promise to refund at least half the cost of a paper if it is not delivered on time provides a reassuring service for those who wait until the last minute to submit their essay request. This alone adds value to the turnaround time, even if the time frame may be slightly inflated.

Overall Quality (9.3/10)

EssayNoDelay is one of the top essay writing services that can deliver high-quality papers within a fairly tight deadline, worthy of a high grade. The fact that EssayNoDelay does so without adding unnecessary costs raises the value of its service even further.

Although unresponsive customer service may make it difficult to trust EssayNoDelay compared to some competitors, the company does not appear to engage in the shady practices of the many illegitimate essay writing services currently saturating the market. Users who value quality over responsiveness will find EssayNoDelay more than adequate.

Who Should Use EssayNoDelay?

As a newer company that cannot boast hundreds of positive reviews from existing customers, EssayNoDelay will likely appeal to only the most trusting of users. However, those seeking a variety of writing services will find that EssayNoDelay offers the most options by far. This company simply demands a bit more undue trust than most competitors.

#3. EssayPro: Best for Rush Orders, Cheap Paper Writing Service

EssayPro offers some of the most affordable prices among other companies on this list and uses a unique bidding system that caters to ramen-eating college students who may hesitate to spend money on a product before seeing the results. Instead of paying an essay writer upfront, users make a deposit and release the funds to EssayPro only once they are satisfied.

Users on EssayPro also have the freedom to select an online essay writer themselves. When they submit their request, writers will bid for the chance to work on the project. Then, based on past reviews and direct conversations with the professionals, customers can choose who might be best for the job.

Primary Features

  • More than 50 types of papers and subjects are available
  • Extremely competitive rates
  • Make a deposit and release the payment when you receive your paper
  • Users select who to work with themselves, you can hire a cheap essay writer if your budget is limited
  • EssayPro offers rewrites in addition to custom writing and editing


  • Same 3-hour turnaround option as PaperHelp
  • Direct contact with essay writers
  • As many revisions as needed
  • No extra charge for plagiarism reports
  • Verifiable reviews on popular review sites
  • The most professional website among all cheap essay writing services available


  • Many writers are non-native English speakers
  • Mediocre customer support agents
  • Payment sometimes takes multiple attempts

How EssayPro Works

EssayPro’s method of operation bears a great deal of resemblance to many freelancing sites. After users calculate their total price and submit their essay requirements, they can speak to professional paper writers directly and review their writing history before choosing a preferred expert.

While users deposit money upfront but do not release funds until they are fully satisfied with their essay, this allows them infinite revisions if the online paper writer performs at a lower standard than desired. Users can also request an originality report free of charge before deciding to release their final payment.

After releasing payment, users are able to leave a review. While there are no incentives to do so as there are with PaperHelp, it is still highly recommended because it helps future customers select a writer by providing a complete look at their track record. Ideally, this should further incentivize academic writing experts to turn in their best possible work.

Price (9.5/10)

Although EssayPro charges slightly higher base prices than PaperHelp, they are still a few cents less per page than the prices offered by EssayNoDelay. More importantly, the prices are even lower than PaperHelp at the highest level. For example, while a high school paper costs $10.80 per page for a two-week turnaround, a PhD-level essay costs only $14.40 per page.

EssayPro is a cheap essay writing service when it comes to urgent deadlines, making this company stand out. Whereas same-day turnaround on PaperHelp costs anywhere between $29 to $45 per page, EssayPro can deliver a paper within 3 hours for page rates between $19.44 to $26. Those seeking rewrites or edits will never pay more than $20 per page.

Most importantly, EssayPro charges no additional fees for plagiarism checks or customer support. This further lowers its prices, making EssayPro the most competitively priced essay writing service on this list.

Deadline (9.0/10)

While EssayPro promises the same swift turnaround time as PaperHelp, it still scores a bit lower due to the number of users who report non-native English writing and copy-pasted intros. This means that customers with the time to request edits will absolutely need to do so, which could potentially increase turnaround times and result in missed deadlines.

Overall Quality (8.7/10)

The general quality of writing obtained from EssayPro varies pretty wildly. While many essays are returned with zero revisions needed, not all users get so lucky with the essay writers they choose. Some essays are returned in poorly written English, with copy-pasted formatting used across multiple essays.

Although EssayPro offers unlimited revisions, not all users necessarily have the time to wait for them. This means dissatisfied customers must either turn in an essay that isn’t up to par or quickly edit the paper themselves. While still faster than writing from scratch, this is still more hassle than paying customers should typically have to expect.

Who Should Use EssayPro?

Because many professional essay writers do not speak English as a first language, and some use basic templates rather than writing knowledgeably about the subject, EssayPro will cater primarily to those who care more about low costs and quick turnaround times than overall quality. However, if nothing else, EssayPro can help students get started before ultimately rewriting the essay themselves.

#4. 99Papers: Essay Writing Company With a Great Loyalty Program

Much like PaperHelp, 99Papers offers loyalty credits to those who use its essay service. However, rather than ranging from 5-15% discounts, all papers receive 10% credits on future orders regardless of page count. For those ordering relatively short essays, this equates to much greater savings than those offered by PaperHelp.

Primary Features

  • Ten days of unlimited revision requests
  • A vast array of services, including resume writing, PowerPoint presentation creation, and more
  • You can request writers by country of origin (US / UK)
  • 100% money-back guarantee


  • Automatic discounts for large orders
  • Consistent loyalty discounts
  • 95% of writers are native English speakers
  • Many writers deliver papers before the deadline
  • 24/7 access to order tracking


  • Incredibly high upcharges for short deadlines
  • Cannot reuse writers for short turnaround times
  • Same fees for basic essay necessities as PaperHelp
  • Money-back guarantee is frequently not upheld

How 99Papers Works

99Papers follows a similar model to PaperHelp, using essentially the same formatting for its price calculator. Users calculate the price, outline the requirements for their order, and then proceed with upfront payment. Some payment methods require verification by phone, especially when placing expensive or bulk orders.

While the customer’s essay is being written, they’ll have access to a messaging system they can use to contact the writer and check on progress. They can also use this system to share files or additional resources, such as class notes or any particular sources that may be required for their essay. This helps the professional writer work a bit faster.

Once the expert finishes working on your paper, 99Papers will use WebCheck to check for plagiarism (this avoids submitting the paper to Turnitin’s database). The customer can then preview their order and request revisions if needed before ultimately downloading the finished product once satisfied.

Price (8.8/10)

99Papers charges the same base prices as PaperHelp, with high school essays starting at $10 per page. Doctoral essays are slightly cheaper at $20 per page than PaperHelp’s $21. The same applies to other prices, with editing fees ranging from $6 to $12 while problem-solving runs from $15 to $30 per problem.

Oddly enough, 99Papers and PaperHelp charge the same amount for a 3-hour turnaround, ranging from $40 to $57 per page. Unfortunately, this means those ordering essays on short deadlines lose the slight discount seen in 99Papers’ base price.

Also, much like PaperHelp, 99Papers charge extra costs for services that feel as if they should be free. For example, it charges the same $10 for plagiarism reports and tables of contents and the same $15 for abstracts. 99Papers also charges the same $5 per source and extra costs to have your paper checked by an editor.

Deadline (9.1/10)

99Papers offers the same quick turnaround of up to 6 pages every 3 hours offered by other services such as PaperHelp and EssayPro. Still, 99Papers scores higher than the latter due to fewer reports of papers written in broken English. However, it still scores slightly lower than PaperHelp due to reviews complaining of bad formatting and rambling paragraphs.

Ultimately, those seeking a short deadline may not have time to revise. As a result, many dissatisfied reviewers either had to request a new writer or take on the burden of rewriting the essay. When receiving quality service, the turnaround time is great. When dissatisfied, however, using this service wastes more time than starting from scratch.

Overall Quality (8.0/10)

Although most consumers experience nothing but satisfaction, 99Papers does suffer from many unqualified writers, which leads many to doubt their claims of employing 95% native English speakers. On top of that, many users received papers in perfect English but with terrible essay formatting. Some essays did not even contain a thesis.

To make matters more difficult, many of these users were forced to wait on revisions when 99Papers ultimately failed to uphold its money-back guarantee. Unfortunately, while the site promises your money back, they maintain a non-refundable payment policy.

On the bright side, users who have found quality writers report consistent satisfaction as long as they continue to use the same writers for subsequent projects. While 99Papers can be a bit of a gamble, its excellent loyalty program and the option to rehire certain professional college essay writers sets it apart from many of its lesser competitors.

Who Should Use 99Papers?

99Papers is a custom essay writing service that works best for those who value quantity over quality. Despite several complaints about its quality of service, some going so far as to call this company a scam, its quick turnaround time and excellent loyalty program help to ensure that those who need multiple papers on a short deadline will receive them quickly.

#5. MyAdmissionsEssay: Best for College Application & Admission Essays

Although many professional essay writing services offer help with admissions essays, MyAdmissionsEssay is one of the few to make it a main focus point. While it still offers the same services as many other competitors on this list, it is the only company to make college admission essays its primary selling point.

Primary Features

  • MyAdmissionsEssay hires former admissions committee members as writers specifically for application essays
  • Most writers hold advanced degrees in their fields
  • Help with admissions essays for both undergraduate and graduate applicants


  • One of the more competitive prices available
  • Formatting and referencing are free of charge


  • High surcharges for basic extras
  • Nowhere near as cheap as EssayPro
  • Some writers don’t follow instructions as given

How MyAdmissionsEssay Works

MyAdmissionsEssay is an essay writing website that follows a similar business model to PaperHelp and 99Papers. Start by outlining the necessary essay requirements and choosing any additional services (such as additional review by an editor) that you may desire.

Next, users will be given the option to select their payment method. Note that, once payment is submitted, a writer will be assigned automatically. Users cannot choose their own writer, and some customers report that requests to change writers mid-process were rejected. Working with a previous writer is an option, but it costs extra.

At the end of the process, users will receive a copy of their paper. If they would like further revisions, they can request them prior to downloading the finished product. They can download their paper and leave a review if everything looks good.

Price (9.0/10)

Similar to EssayPro, MyAdmissionsEssay charges a bit more for high school essays but less at higher levels. The price range of $11 to $17 per page ranks MyAdmissionsEssay as a little more expensive than EssayPro, but still significantly more affordable than other essay writing companies. However, help with admission essays costs significantly more, anywhere from $34 to $102 per page depending on turnaround time.

Those needing quick delivery for essays and research papers will find that MyAdmissionsEssay is comparable to PaperHelp and 99Papers. However, for essays required on a 3-hour deadline, prices range from $43 to $54 per page. While this makes their professional papers slightly cheaper than PaperHelp’s, they don’t nearly compare to the prices offered by EssayPro.

Additionally, MyAdmissionsEssay charges the same high surcharges as PaperHelp and 99Papers for extras that feel as if they should be included in the base cost. This includes $5 per source, $10 for a table of contents, $15 for an abstract, and at least $10 for a plagiarism report depending on the length of the paper.

Deadline (8.6/10)

As one of four reliable essay writing services offering to return finished papers within 3 hours upon request, MyAdmissionsEssay seems like one of the quickest options.

However, missed deadlines are one of the most common complaints among users who leave negative reviews. Some papers run late due to revision, and even some first drafts fail to meet the deadline that the user originally paid for.

Overall Quality (7.9/10)

Like many of the other sites reviewed, the quality of an essay will greatly depend upon the writer with whom a user gets paired. Unfortunately, since users have no control over choosing their writer through MyAdmissionsEssay, many will not know what to expect until it may be too late to seek revisions.

The primary quality issue that some users encountered was a failure on the part of their writers to follow the instructions outlined in the initial essay order. Since MyAdmissionsEssay allows users to communicate with writers directly, many users tried to ensure their writers knew what to do.

Users who are able to find writers capable of writing essays according to their instructions on the first try will find that MyAdmissionsEssay excels in balancing academic quality with the personal nature of many admission essay prompts, surpassing some other websites in this regard. On the other hand, dissatisfied customers will be able to request several revisions.

Who Should Use MyAdmissionsEssay?

College applicants struggling to write personal essays in a professional and academically appealing fashion may find MyAdmissionsEssay to be a particularly valuable service. However, this company is most recommended to those whose essays are not due on short notice.

College Essay & Paper Writing Services: Summary

For those seeking versatile services, whether on a short deadline or at a fairly reasonable price, PaperHelp is the best paper writing service, as it’s the most consistently reliable one available. While other services have benefits, PaperHelp is the best option for many occasions. Whether you need an essay, a research paper or a dissertation written for you, this company can help.

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