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Ed Begley Jr. – How to keep your planet and pocketbook healthy

Ed sits down with host Jay Ruderman for a conversation spanning Ed’s career, overcoming his alcoholism, and what’s next in his environmental activism.

Ed Begley Jr. has been a known name in Hollywood since the 1960s, with recent credits in ‘Young Sheldon,’ ‘Better Call Saul,’ and the movie ‘Amsterdam.’ He’s had a stellar career onscreen, but his commitment to living an environmentally friendly life is just as impressive. Ed’s love of biking, public transit, and electric cars comes up every award season, and his family home is LEED certified.

All About Change is hosted by Jay Ruderman, whose life’s work is seeking social justice and inclusion for people with disabilities worldwide. Join Jay as he interviews iconic guests who have gone through adversity and harnessed their experiences to better the world. This show ultimately offers the message of hope that we need to keep going. All About Change is a production of the Ruderman Family Foundation.

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