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Herman Shelanski on Military Service

Rabbi Ari Lamm speaks to former Vice Admiral Herman Shelanski, the highest ranking Jew on the seas.

When we think of the Biblical story, we usually think of a beleaguered population of former slaves fleeing for their lives into a desert. But if you read the Bible’s account of the Israelite story, you’ll see that they’re consistently called upon to take up arms in their own defense. What insight could we gain from interpreting the Bible from a military perspective?

On this week’s episode, Rabbi Ari unpacks all this with the 40th Inspector General of the entire U.S. Navy — and highest ranking Jew on the seas — former Vice Admiral Herman Shelanski.

They speak about what it means to be a warrior; whether the United States should adopt a mandatory national service program; what it means to be a part of Jewish history as an immigrant; the reason why sailors of all backgrounds love Passover; President Harry Truman’s Torah scroll; and much more! Listen here:

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