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Tel Aviv property – the best investment for the future

With an abundance of new developments and urban renewal, Tel Aviv is a city worth exploring, investing in, and calling home.

Now is the time to buy in Tel Aviv

Known for its beaches, parks, delicious food scene, and internationally recognized architecture, Tel Aviv is a city where you can either spend your days outside in the sun or nestled comfortably at home.

In 2019, property prices in Tel Aviv rose by 6%, but since 2020, they have soared beyond all expectations. Home price indexes in the city have risen by 15%, and the average home price has risen by 30%. As of the end of 2021, an average four-room apartment in Tel Aviv was selling for around NIS 4.38 million, up almost 40% from just two years earlier when it was NIS 3.14 million.

Since 2020, property values around Rothschild Boulevard and surrounding areas, such as Ben Tzion, Neve Tzedek, and Habima, have increased by 25-30% and there are no signs that this trend will slow down anytime soon.

Below, we will take a closer look at Tel Aviv’s trendiest, most desirable neighborhoods, and a new and not to be missed luxurious development on Ben Tzion Boulevard.

Located in the city center, Rothschild Boulevard reaches from Habima Theater to the Neve Tzedek neighborhood. You can enjoy the landscaped boulevard’s trees, seating areas, playgrounds, and coffee shops.

There is nothing better than the vibrant boulevard in Tel Aviv, which features quiet bike paths, classic Bauhaus architecture, trendy cafes, exceptional restaurants, and charming kiosks.

This is one of the most expensive streets in the city for the same reason that it is one of the most popular tourist attractions. Rothschild offers a unique urban city experience unlike any other – it offers historic sights, culinary institutions, and vibrant nightlife. This is the best place to experience Tel Aviv’s unique charm, where traditional and modern architecture coexist harmoniously.

Neve Tzedek
Neve Tzedek, Tel Aviv’s most picturesque neighborhood, is a short distance from Rothschild Boulevard. The neighborhood is filled with cafes and shops that have a European flair. The neighborhood was the first Jewish district outside of Jaffa’s old port city, built in 1887. While it is one of the oldest areas, it still has a very young feel to it. This suburban-like area has a variety of houses built in the late 19th century lining Rothschild Boulevard.

Ben Tzion
There are many beautiful boulevards in Tel Aviv that are just a stones throw away from Rothschild Boulevard. Ben Tzion Boulevard is one of them. The street begins at Habima square, next to Rothschild, and continues all the way to the oldest shopping center in Tel Aviv, the famous Dizengoff Center. In both directions, the boulevard is lined with flowers, trees, and green grass.

Throughout the day, you can often see people walking their dogs, riding their bikes, or reading on benches along the boulevard. Some may even be enjoying a picnic on the grass along a boulevard, sipping wine or coffee with cheese and bread from a boutique coffee shop or bakery nearby.

The most iconic spot in the neighborhood
Taking a closer look at Ben Tzion, we can find a brand-new boutique building that offers high-end apartment units for those who value comfort and luxury in their daily lives.

This prestigious new building houses 14 exclusive apartments and was designed by Bar Orian Architects, an Israeli firm known for introducing new elements of design and structure that support the future as well as the present.

The opulent design blends traditional craftsmanship seamlessly with modern living. Each smart home is designed to cater to modern families with beautiful balconies for entertaining and to fully enjoy both summer and winter.

All apartments feature custom finishes and layouts, robotic parking, and electrical parking outlets in every parking space.

There is also a pedestrian walkway just outside of the building that overlooks the beautiful scenery this trendy street has to offer.

According to experts, the future appears bright for Tel Aviv. “I estimate that Tel Aviv will experience a 4-8% annual growth and that the Ben Tzion project will have a 12-15% growth rate by 2025,” says Serina Levy, from Daon.

Levy is Daon Group Real Estate’s lead agent for the Ben Tzion property. Having made Aliyah from Sydney, Australia eight years ago, Serina is an experienced real estate broker and salesperson who specializes in helping international clients find the right property in Tel Aviv and the surrounding areas. Serina has lived in Tel Aviv since she moved to Israel and has become a Tel Aviv expert of sorts, knowing the city like the back of her hand.

Cohen, Tamar. @tamarulas_raw. Serina Levy, Zebra Crossing. 15/03/22, Ben Tzion Blvd, Tel Aviv, Israel.

In addition to her business skills, Serina has an eye for detail and is skilled at visualizing design. She is very excited to introduce the Ben Tzion property to her clients.

“The Ben Tzion property is a not to be missed Tel Aviv real estate opportunity, in its location and in its design potential. I know that property is personal and my greatest joy comes from ensuring my clients are satisfied.”

Tel Aviv has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a place to live, or an investment. The city’s property values continue to rise, and this trend isn’t likely to change anytime soon.

It’s never too early to start planning for the future.
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