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The Degree that Opens Doors to Exciting New Opportunities

Reichman University Campus (Oz Schechter)
Reichman University Campus (Oz Schechter)

Studying BA in Economics and Entrepreneurship with Data Science offers a unique opportunity to acquire a diverse skill set tailored to a global dynamic business landscape. With the Middle East experiencing rapid economic growth and digital transformation, there is a growing demand for professionals who can blend economic principles, entrepreneurial mindset, and data science techniques.

This interdisciplinary approach equips individuals with the knowledge and skills needed to analyze markets, identify opportunities, and make informed business decisions. By mastering data analytics, individuals can drive strategic decision-making, optimize business processes, and contribute to driving growth and economic development in the market.

Dr. Yael Hadas at the Career Event for the International Economics students (RUNI collection)

Many people are not aware of the power of the understanding of Economics, both in the level of specific markets and at the level of the economy, in which one understands the implications of monetary and fiscal policy. This understanding provides any person in the business world a knowledge that allows him or her to make the best decisions to promote the company or organizations that he or she works for. Moreover, the recent years that were characterized with economic hardship both globally (Covid-19 pandemic) and locally (the Gaza-Israel War), have raised the awareness of the need to be financially knowledgeable, yet at the same time to be extremely innovative in creating new income avenues through entrepreneurship endeavors.

The double major BA degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship with Data Science provides all these skills and more! On top of deep economic and financial understanding, the students learn the secrets of how to be an entrepreneur and intrapreneur. In addition, the student gain unique knowledge of data science and analysis. Data is called today the new gold as it is widely available thanks to new technologies, and its thorough analysis is the base of every business decision. To master the data, the students who learn this degree also gain Python and R programming skills.

Celebrating its very first year, the Double Major program in Entrepreneurship & Economics with Data Science at Reichman University attracts students of extremely high abilities, who are outstanding in their academic achievements and at the same time have a special entrepreneurial spirit. Even though they started during wartime, they have proved to be outstanding and resilient students.

As this program continues, many good things are planned for the students. Company’s visits, fascinating speakers, hackathons and various activities and of course superb academic training.

Upon their graduation they will have a variety of options: Hi-Tech firms will recruit them to jobs from data scientists, financial analysts, and marketing specialists.  Global Financial firms recruit such graduates in financial analyst, or data analyst roles. They can work in Banking and Strategy consulting as well as traditional firms that employ economists and analysts, as well as work in public sector jobs. One major advantage of the degree is providing the students with the tools that enable them to begin their own venture. During their degree, students gain practical experience and expand their network through active, hands-on assignments and close work with industry mentors.

The training is interdisciplinary and provides many opportunities. Students have access to classes combining the best of the entrepreneurial and economics schools at Reichman University. The Tiomkin Economics school sharpens the analytical abilities of the students, by rigorous classes, tours to institutions such as the The Bank of Israel and the Knesset, while the Adelson School of Entrepreneurship provides students with an innovative environment to create new ventures as well as innovate within organizations through a combination of academic rigor, industry collaborations and hands-on practical experience.

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