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That time when Ali G. sat down with the Donald

After an in-character interview from 13 years ago resurfaces, comedian Sacha Baron Cohen claims he was the first person to realize Trump ‘was a dick’

Renee Ghert-Zand is the health reporter and a feature writer for The Times of Israel.

Ali G. (Sacha Baron Cohen), right, interviews Donald Trump (YouTube)
Ali G. (Sacha Baron Cohen), right, interviews Donald Trump (YouTube)

Audiences of comedian Sacha Baron Cohen’s new film, “The Brothers Grimsby,” may think that’s the first time that he has leveled his parodical rifle at Donald Trump. But a quick search through YouTube’s archives proves that he’s taken aim at the Donald before.

The story line of “The Brothers Grimsby,” an espionage comedy in which chaos ensues after a dimwitted soccer hooligan reunites with his long lost MI6 assassin brother, also involves Donald Trump contracting HIV.

Baron Cohen, who wrote and starred in the film, has repeatedly reported during promotional interviews that audiences around the world have stood up and clapped at the scene in which this happens. Yes, that is correct: People have literally and repeatedly given this plot twist a standing ovation.

Earlier this week, James Corden hosted Baron Cohen on the “Late Late Show” and recalled when the actor interviewed Trump 13 years ago. (It wasn’t exactly Baron Cohen who conducted the interview, but rather alter ego Ali G., his satirical rapper wannabe character.)

“How did that go?” Corden asked Baron Cohen as he held up a photo from Da Ali G. Show interview.

“Well, I was the first person to realize he was a dick,” answered the comedian.

The interview was part of an episode in which Ali G. was trying to start an “ice cream glove” business. In his bid to get the fictional enterprise off the ground, he sought advice from a number of high profile business barons.

The conceit of “Da Ali G. Show” was that the famous people brought on for interviews did not know ahead of time that Ali G. wasn’t a genuine person. In some cases, the interviewees caught on quickly, and in others they remained clueless for most or all of the conversation.

It appears that it did not take Trump too long to figure out that it was unlikely that Ali G. was a real businessman, though it isn’t entirely clear that he got the ruse in its entirety. In any case, Trump did lose patience with hearing about Ali G.’s scheme to manufacture and market an specialized glove that would not only prevent ice cream from melting onto your hand and making it sticky, but would also keep your fingers warm while you ate the cold stuff.

Baron Cohen claims that Trump stayed on camera for a full seven minutes before bolting.

“Is that long for an Ali G. interview?” asked Corden.

“Yes, it’s quite a lot of time,” Baron Cohen confirmed.

(Either the interview tape was heavily edited, or Baron Cohen’s memory is faulty, because the clip of the interview available on YouTube is only one minute long.)

In the ensuing years, a lot has happened to the erstwhile reality TV star/billionaire who, instead of investing in the “ice cream glove,” has gone on to pursue politics — to explosive results. Stay tuned for more antics with the Republican presidential candidate.

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