A one-year-old baby was moderately injured Friday night when a firecracker exploded next to his face during Eid al-Adha celebrations in the Galilean village of Kisra.

The boy suffered burns and corneal damage and was being treated at the ophthalmology department at a hospital in Nahariya.

According to the child’s mother, her son was outside playing with other children during the Feast of Sacrifice festivities when she heard a boom.

Dr. Zvi Segel, head of ophthalmology at the hospital, told Ynet that it was still too soon to know if irreversible damage was inflicted on the child’s vision. He said these sorts of injuries were common during holidays.

“Unfortunately each year we treat injuries inflicted by fireworks, firecrackers, and wooden skewers,” Segel said. “Some past cases were sometimes irreversible, and caused optical hemorrhaging, retinal detachment, or damage to the optical nerve.”