The Iron Dome missile defense system attempted its first interception on the northern front Wednesday in a bid to down a mortar launched into the Golan Heights from Syria. No interception was confirmed.

Two mortars fired from Syria fell into the Israeli-controlled area of the Golan Heights on Wednesday night. No damage or injuries were caused, the IDF spokesperson reported.

The IDF confirmed the mortar fire from Syria, saying it was likely inadvertent.

Defense sources told Ynet, however, that the mortars may have been celebratory fire by government forces following the announcement of incumbent Syrian President Basher Assad’s landslide victory in the presidential elections.

Wildfires broke out in several areas of the Golan Heights near Alonei Habashan, likely as a result of the mortar fire, and firefighters worked to extinguish the flames.

Unconfirmed Syrian rebel reports indicated that Israeli military positions fired on and destroyed two Syrian tanks in response to the mortar fire.