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Amazon alters app icon after Hitler mustache comparisons

Retail giant changes imagery after jagged tape said to be reminiscent of Nazi leader’s facial hair

Amazon's jagged blue tape icon, now replaced after Hitler comparisons (Courtesy)
Amazon's jagged blue tape icon, now replaced after Hitler comparisons (Courtesy)

Amazon has quietly updated the icon on its app after a recently revamped version was said by some to bear a resemblance to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler’s mustache.

The retail giant initially launched its new branding in January, replacing an image of a shopping cart with an icon that resembles the company’s packaging, including a jagged piece of blue packing tape.

However, social media users were quick to notice that the tape, combined with the sweeping arrow smile used by the company, could be seen to resemble Hitler’s toothbrush mustache.

The new imagery still features the blue tape, but it is peeled back instead of being cut.

“Amazon is always exploring new ways to delight our customers,” a spokesperson told the Verge. “We designed the new icon to spark anticipation, excitement, and joy when customers start their shopping journey on their phone, just as they do when they see our boxes on their door step.”

Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in Munich, Dec. 5, 1931. (AP Photo, File)

Noting the similarities of various objects and animals to Hitler is something of a popular pastime on the internet, with anything from sneakers to cats to kettles accused of resembling history’s most notorious dictator.

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