Heil Youssef

‘Brotherhood are Nazis’

Bassem Youssef tells viewers the country’s ruling party is an ‘Aryan race that deserves to rule us’; ends with Nazi salute

Egyptian satirist Bassem Youssef, host of a television program that has been compared to Jon Stewart’s Daily Show in the US, has presented a short segment comparing Cairo’s ruling Muslim Brotherhood party to the Nazis.

“I hereby declare my total support of all that is Muslim Brotherhood,” Youssef began.

As he spoke to his audience Saturday, a Muslim Brotherhood graphic with two swords crossed appeared to his left and began to slide upward, while from underneath it another graphic — at that point it was still unclear what the graphic was — began to slide toward the bottom of viewers’ screens.

“After all,” he continued, “they are our masters now. Where else can you find such a superior race, purer than rainwater?”

By the time Youssef spoke the word “race,” it was clearly visible to viewers that the downward-sliding graphic, revealed from underneath that of the Muslim Brotherhood, was a Nazi swastika.

Youssef continued to jab at the Brotherhood. “It is a superior race,” he said, “which declares that nobody else belongs to Islam. It is an Aryan race, a superior race, a race that deserves to rule us, to mount us, to dangle its feet over our backs.

“It is a race that is predestined to remain pure and clean, so it cannot marry your kind.

“These Muslim-Brotherhood genes do not come free of charge. Do not resist. Are you crazy? Stand still, do not cross the line. They are your masters.”

At that point Youssef affixed to his upper lip a small Hitler-style mustache and looked into the camera. Making the hitlergruss salute, he yelled, “Heil Muslim Brotherhood!”

The video was uploaded with subtitles by the Middle East Media Research Institute.

In early April, a Cairo court turned down a suit filed by a Muslim Brotherhood lawyer demanding that Youssef’s TV show be banned for allegedly insulting the president and excessive sexual innuendo.

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