Hamas official says Trump may be a Jew

Gaza’s Mahmoud al-Zahar claims president-elect ‘loves the Jewish religion, and the most important thing in the Jewish religion is Jewish money’

A senior Hamas leader in the Gaza Strip recently voiced his suspicion that US President-elect Donald Trump is secretly Jewish.

“”Trump loves the Jews,” Mahmoud al-Zahar said in an interview with the Al-Jazeera network, “not only because he likes the Jewish religion. I do not rule out the possibility that he is a Jew. He loves the Jewish religion, and the most important thing in the Jewish religion is Jewish money.”

In the interview, which was broadcast November 9 following Trump’s election victory and translated this week by the Middle East Media Research Institute, Zahar also alleged it was Jewish money that had in the past helped sweep candidates to the American presidency.

“”In 1947, Harry Truman was a marginal candidate in the US elections,” Zahar said. “He was approached by the Jewish money — which is the Jewish religion — and was awarded two million dollars, which made his electoral campaign prosper…The outcome was that he won. Truman’s first decision – driven by those two million dollars – was to recognize the Israeli entity in 1948. So the Jewish ‘religion’ – the Jewish dollar – is the real decisive factor.”

Zahar also criticized Trump’s anti-immigration agenda, saying he “has presented several policies that point to true ignorance with regard to American history. When he makes statements against the Mexican settlers, or against the Arab immigrants, who are fleeing the inferno in (their countries), or against the Africans – well, the US is a country of settlers to begin with. He should ask his father where he came from.”

In October Zahar said Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was tantamount to “a Jew” for his participation in the funeral of former president Shimon Peres.

Zahar told Iranian television: “This man who claims to represent Palestinian public opinion is by religious standards a Jew. For the millionth time: He doesn’t represent us, he is a creation of Israel and I hope he joins Peres in hell.”

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