Twice in an hour: Jewish man faces antisemitic abuse on London bus, train

In two incidents within an hour, passerby threatens to ‘slit your throat for Palestine,’ while another shouts ‘I f***ing hate the Jews’

A man hurls antisemitic abuse at a Jewish man in London on July 3, 2021. (screen capture via Twitter)
A man hurls antisemitic abuse at a Jewish man in London on July 3, 2021. (screen capture via Twitter)

A Jewish man was reportedly threatened and attacked on public transportation twice within an hour on Saturday night in London.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, a man threatened to “slit your throat for Palestine” and called the Jewish man a “f***ing scumbag” aboard a bus.

Later in the evening, a different man reportedly shouted “I f***ing hate the Jews” at him, while inside an underground train station.

London police and public transportation security said that they will be investigating the incidents after the man’s brother publicized the events on social media.

“How proud I am to be English tonight where someone visibly Jewish cannot use public transport without hearing ‘I fucking hate the Jews.’ So depressing…” tweeted the man’s brother, Shlomie Liberow.

Britain saw a dramatic rise in antisemitic incidents in May, coinciding with Israel’s 11-day conflict with Gaza terror groups.

In one incident on May 16, a rabbi was beaten by two young men who hurled antisemitic slurs during the attack. The rabbi, Rafi Goodwin, sustained moderate injuries that required hospitalization. Police arrested the alleged assailants, who were also accused of stealing Goodwin’s phone.

In another attack after a ceasefire was declared, a man broke into the car of an Orthodox Jewish man in a heavily Jewish part of London and assaulted him. The suspect was detained by passersby until police took him into custody, the Jewish News of London reported.

JTA contributed to this report.

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