Enlisted soldiers to get 50% salary boost

The IDF is set to dramatically increase the pay of enlisted soldiers following the recommendations of a government committee.

The cabinet approved the increase in July, but Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon disagree over how to pay the increase. Kahlon wants to increase soldiers’ monthly salary, while Ya’alon prefers the money to be paid through an increase to the grant given soldiers upon their release.

Kahlon’s view appears to have prevailed, Channel 2 reports.

Under the new policy, frontline combat troops will see their monthly salary rise from NIS 1,080 ($280) to NIS 1,620 ($417), combat support soldiers from NIS 780 ($201) to NIS 1,170 ($301) and non-combat troops from NIS 540 ($139) to NIS 810 ($209).

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