IDF says small reconnaissance drone has crashed in Kfar Saba

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

A small Israeli military drone crashed in the central city of Kfar Saba earlier today, the IDF says.

The drone, a Skylark model, was on a reconnaissance mission — likely over the West Bank — when it fell out of the sky for as-yet-unknown reasons.

According to the IDF, there is no fear of information leaking from the aircraft, and it will collect the device from the police.

The “sky rider,” as it’s known in Hebrew, is a tactical surveillance drone created by Elbit Systems and operated by the IDF’s Artillery Corps.

The miniature UAV can be launched by one or two people, depending on the model, and once airborne provides a live video feed to soldiers on the ground.

Many such comparatively inexpensive UAVs have crashed, often in hostile territory, over the years.

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