Israeli strike kills Lebanese technician fixing phone tower, security sources say

An Israeli strike on a village in south Lebanon killed a Lebanese technician contracted by a telecoms company to fix a phone tower, Lebanon’s telecoms minister says.

The same strike also killed a medic from a civilian rescue force affiliated with the Amal Movement, an ally of the Hezbollah terror group, the minister and security sources said.

Today’s strike on the village of Teir Harfa hit a team of technicians contracted by Lebanese telecoms company Touch as they were attempting to repair the power generator at a telecoms tower, telecoms minister Johnny Corm tells Reuters. They were accompanied by medics and Lebanese army soldiers.

Separate strikes on southern Lebanon on Friday killed a fighter from Hezbollah as well as two Palestinian fighters, security sources tell Reuters. Several Palestinian terror groups have armed elements based in Lebanon and have fired rockets at Israel from there.

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