Likud officials worry Trump loss could damage Netanyahu

Likud party officials are fretting over the impact of a Biden win, given that Netanyahu has developed a particularly close relationship with Trump.

Speaking to Zman Yisrael, the Times of Israel’s sister site in Hebrew, they warn that a Trump loss could impact Netanyahu badly.

“Now they will tell Netanyahu: Your friend is gone, against all odds, so you will go too,” a senior Likud officials is quoted as saying, referring to opponents to the premier.

“Now they will talk about how Netanyahu severed ties with the Democrats, what price we will all pay and how he — who knows America better than anyone — gambled on the wrong horse.”

A Likud MK tells Zman Yisrael that Israel needs to prepare for a new reality on the international stage.

“We took a hit. Nicky Haley will not be there for us anymore,” they say of the former US ambassador to the UN who took particularly pro-Israel positions.

The MK, however, says that they believe Biden will not be swayed by anti-Israel sentiment.

“The Democratic Party has extreme and radical fringes, which even a left-wing government in Israel cannot get along with,” they say, before adding, “Biden has a strong support base, and he is not the man to be affected by them.”

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