Lucy Aharish to join Peres at UK gala dinner

The Zionist Federation says Israeli journalist Lucy Aharish will attend its gala dinner tribute to former president Shimon Peres. Aharish will interview Peres in front of the audience as part of the event, which is expected to attract an audience of around 1,000 on May 17 in London.

As part of the gala dinner, Aharish will conduct an informal interview with Peres, who will be the guest of honor at the event. ZF said in a statement that the presence of Peres will make this the largest gala dinner the ZF has ever held, with an audience expected to include MPs, lords, ambassadors, and heads of Jewish and Christian communal organizations.

Aharish was recently in the spotlight when she was selected to take part in the official opening of Israel’s Independence Day. Aharish, who is a Muslim Arab, was chosen to be one of 12 Israeli trailblazers who would light torches at the opening ceremony. Her emotional speech, delivered in both Hebrew and Arabic, was widely reported.

Arab Israeli TV presenter Lucy Aharish (photo credit: Facebook)
Arab Israeli TV presenter Lucy Aharish (photo credit: Facebook)