Syrian actor backs peace with Israel if it ‘returns occupied territories’

Popular Syrian actor Duraid Lahham has angered some of his countrymen by saying he would support peace with Israel if it “returns occupied territories” and accepts the Arab Peace Initiative. The 2002 Saudi plan called for Arab peace with Israel upon the formation of a Palestinian state and the return of the Golan Heights to Syria.

“Peace agreements and normalization will come and I don’t oppose them,” Lahham told CNN, “but on the condition it is in accordance with the Arab Peace Initiative. If Israel returns occupied territories to their states.”

According to Channel 12 many were surprised by the statements from Lahham, who was known in the past for his support of Iran and Hezbollah. And he has been attacked by some on social media who have accused him of “catching the normalization virus” — a reference to several Arab and Muslim states that recently agreed to establish ties with Israel.

Syrian actor Duraid Lahham (video screenshot)

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