Thousands protest in Arab cities after student killed in shootout

Thousands of Arab Israelis are protesting in Tamra, Umm al-Fahm and Nazareth over a fatal shootout between cops and criminals on Monday night.

Two men in their 20s were killed in a shootout between police and underworld criminals in the Arab city of Tamra in northern Israel — one of them a suspect and one an innocent bystander — sparking outrage, protests, and an investigation.

The incident began when police forces identified three criminals who were suspected of firing gunshots toward a house. Cops opened fire toward them, with police saying the suspects responded with gunfire from M-16 rifles.

One of the suspects was hit and killed by officers in the ensuing shootout, another was wounded and the third escaped, police said in a statement.

But the bullets also hit and killed 22-year-old Ahmed Hijazi, a nursing student who came out of his house due to the noise, the reports said.

Demonstrators block roads in northern Israel over the student’s death.

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