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Love it or hate it: Marmite hummus hits UK shelves

Supermarket chain Tesco offers eyebrow-raising pairing, months after company first hinted at release in Twitter post

Marmite-flavored hummus. (Screenshot/
Marmite-flavored hummus. (Screenshot/

UK hummus fans can now buy the snack in Marmite flavor, the British vegetarian food spread known to sharply divide people.

The supermarket chain Tesco has offered Marmite hummus for 1.50 British pounds ($1.90). Ingredients include cooked chickpeas with Marmite, tahini sesame seed paste, lemon juice from concentrate and garlic purée.

The pairing was apparently inspired by a Twitter post in March, when a user posted a picture to the network of Marmite and hummus on toast.

The company shared the photo, writing “Marmite and hummus anyone?”

In a follow up post, the company wrote, “So many possibilities. With falafels, wraps…”

Marmite, made from yeast extract, has been dividing consumers with its distinctive flavor since 1902. The company’s market slogan is “Love it or hate it.”

The brand last year raised eyebrows by releasing Marmite peanut butter, its first new permanent offering in over a century.

Other international hummus iterations have included pumpkin spice hummus, brownie batter hummus, blueberry and mango, and pineapple jalapeno.

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