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Peter J. Hotez on saving lives today

The prominent advocate for COVID-19 vaccines is struggling to untangle politics, anti-science and antisemitism — while saving lives.

It’s one thing to debate, even vociferously, the policy and health ramifications of a virus that we’re still struggling to understand. It’s quite another to attack science and scientists themselves. But what we often call vaccine “misinformation” has, in fact, been a deliberate politically motivated effort, says Dr. Peter J. Hotez. And he estimates that it has killed some 200,000 Americans.

Dr. Hotez’s work on Corbevax — a low-cost, no-patent COVID-19 vaccine — has saved countless lives and earned him a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. Dr. Hotez is his moral leadership: as a scientist and the father of an autistic child, he has been a fearless and unapologetic lifelong advocate for vaccines — even in the face of unprecedented anti-science and antisemitic hate. Listen here:

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