Arab Israeli blogger dismisses claim he’s an Israeli propaganda tool

Nas Daily lambastes Al Jazeera report as ‘fake news,’ alleges discrepancies between Qatari-owned news outlet’s English and Arabic-language coverage

Arab Israeli travel blogger Nas Daily (Screengrab: Youtube)
Arab Israeli travel blogger Nas Daily (Screengrab: Youtube)

JTA — Arab-Israeli travel blogger Nuseir Yassin denied that he receives support from the Israeli government to spread pro-Israel propaganda.

In a video posted Tuesday on his Facebook page, Nas Daily, which has more than 17 million followers on the social network, Yassin said that the satellite news network Al Jazeera had falsely portrayed him as trying to “make Israel look good” using tools provided by the Israeli government. Yassin described the report as “fake news” and denied that his Nas Academy educational program works with the Israeli government.

“In the past month, there was a coordinated Fake News campaign against Nas Daily accusing us of things that are factually incorrect,” Yassin said in the video.

Yassin, who grew up in Israel but moved to Singapore last year, has gained millions of social media followers through his travel videos. He has previously been the target of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel, which called for a boycott of Nas Academy.

In the video, the Yassin also accuses the Qatari state-owned news network of altering its coverage in English to be more progressive than its Arabic-language coverage. He referenced an Arabic-language video in which two journalists seemed to question the Holocaust. The journalists were later suspended.

He also referred to claims by activists that the network ignores LGBTQ issues in its Arabic-language coverage.

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