Jewish Brandeis official sets new Jeopardy record, by losing
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Jewish Brandeis official sets new Jeopardy record, by losing

Adam Levin scores highest-ever tally for a runner-up, falls only $18 short of beating reigning champion who has bulldozed everyone else

Adam Levin on Jeopardy (YouTube screenshot)
Adam Levin on Jeopardy (YouTube screenshot)

A Jewish official at Brandeis University nearly unseated a reigning Jeopardy champion in an episode that aired Monday, and managed to set a record while he did it.

Adam Levin, who is sports information director for Brandeis athletics, was only $18 short of beating James Holzhauer, considered one of the show’s all-time greats.

Holzhauer has broken multiple records in his 19 appearances in the show so far, and has amassed more than $1.4 million in winnings.

But Levin gave him a literal run for his money on the latest episode. Though he was behind before the final round, a correct answer and a wager of nearly all his money led him to a total of $53,999.

James Holzhauer on Jeopardy (YouTube screenshot)

But Holzhauer also answered correctly, and managed to squeak by Levin with a final score of $54,017.

Though as the runner-up he doesn’t get to keep the money, Levin achieved the highest final tally ever by a second place finisher.

“My once-in-a-lifetime story doesn’t have quite the ending I always dreamed about, but I’m exceptionally proud of my showing,” Levin told Brandeis Now.

“The fact of the matter is, I’ve seen it time and again with the student-athletes that I cover. Sometimes, you can give your all-out best, and it’s just not enough. But if you left everything out on the field — or stage, in my case — it’s all you can ask for.”

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