Bennett also vows not to give up territory

Bennett resumes his speech, saying that despite the platforms of left-wing parties on economic policies, “you don’t need to divide Jerusalem to lower the cost of cheese.

“There is a social right-wing,” he says. No one has to decide between social policies and the right-wing, he argues.

“In order to lower the cost of living, Mr. Kahlon, you don’t need to divide Jerusalem,” he says.

Bennett says his parents moved to Israel from the US, “and they taught me you never say anything bad about Israel.” But the media does that, he says.

Abba and Imma also taught me that the Land of Israel belongs to the people of Israel,” he says.

Bennett says the whole world is watching, and we will tell them that “one cannot occupy his own home.”

He repeats it in English.

Bennett vows that “never, but never, will we give up a centimeter of the Land of Israel to the Arabs.”