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Netanyahu elections ad wins international award

PM’s political strategist, Aron Shaviv, also takes home prize for work on campaign in run-up to national vote last year

An ad for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that ran during the run-up to national elections last year won an international award.

The Likud ad, a TV commercial that depicted Netanyahu as a qualified babysitter, or “Bibi-sitter,” a play on his oft-used nickname, won a Pollie Award handed out by the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) for best political campaign of 2015.

Netanyahu’s political adviser, Aron Shaviv, also won a Pollie Award for best political strategist. The prize was presented to Shaviv by Mark Mellman, the president of AAPC, and a political strategist for Yesh Atid leader Yair Lapid, who sits in the opposition.

The Netanyahu ad begins with the premier arriving at the door of a mother and father awaiting a babysitter.

“You asked for a babysitter, you got a Bibi-sitter,” Netanyahu says, making light of his oft-used nickname.

“Where are the children?” he then asks while looking around.

The young couple, who are shocked by the presence of Netanyahu, ask the prime minister why he would watch over their children.

“It’s either me, or Tzipi and Bougie,” Netanyahu replies, using the nicknames of his Zionist Camp rivals Tzipi Livni and Issac Herzog. The startled parents immediately refuse, saying the two are untrustworthy.

Herzog, they laugh, needs looking after himself. And Livni? “By the time you get back she’ll probably go over to the neighbors,” Netanyahu jokes, a reference to Livni having switched between four political parties in recent years.

Benjamin Netanyahu in his 'Bibi-sitter' ad uploaded to YouTube on January 31, 2015. (screen capture: YouTube/Benjamin Netanyahu)
Benjamin Netanyahu in his ‘Bibi-sitter’ ad uploaded to YouTube on January 31, 2015. (screen capture: YouTube/Benjamin Netanyahu)

Poking fun at himself, the prime minister is then seen watching a previous ad that stirred controversy for including children (and was subsequently banned) as the parents return from their night out. “Shalom!” they cheerfully say — the Hebrew word for ‘hello’ as well as ‘peace.’

“Not recklessly!” Netanyahu quips.

The previous clip, which depicted Netanyahu as a responsible adult in a kindergarten class full of misbehaving children named after the leaders of various political parties, was banned by the Central Elections Committee.

The video was nixed for violating campaign regulations barring parties from using children under the age of 15 in ads.

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