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Shir Yaron, 21: Extreme sports lover with big travel plans

Murdered by Hamas while fleeing the Supernova music festival on October 7

Shir Yaron (Courtesy)
Shir Yaron (Courtesy)

Shir Yaron, 21, from Tzohar, was murdered by Hamas on October 7 while trying to flee the Supernova music festival.

She attended the rave with a group of friends — including her boyfriend Dan Damari, her best friend Chen Ben Avi, as well as Dudi Turgeman and Dor Nahum — who fled the party together in one car when the rocket fire began. The five of them made it to the Mivtahim Junction near their homes, where they were all shot dead by Hamas terrorists lying in wait. A day later their bodies were all discovered lying in the road, riddled with bullets.

Shir was buried on October 10 in Tzohar. She is survived by her parents, Aryeh and Ya’ara, and her younger brother Ofek.

She was planning a big trip to South America with Chen after saving up money for a while, and they already had tickets for November, just a few weeks after they were killed. Shir loved the family dog, Toast, and was very interested in travel and extreme sports, as well as desserts and pastries, her family said. She also had a love of tattoos, with many artistic pieces including matching puzzle piece tattoos with her mother.

Her cousin, Gil Levi, wrote on Instagram to “my cousin who was also my sister.”

“How can I eulogize a 21-year-old girl??? How can I sum up a girl who was so young and just started her life,” she wrote. “You were everything to me, my sister, my best friend, my safe place. Everyone who knows us, knows that we were sisters in every way, we grew up together from age 0, side by side for everything — trips, meals, traveling, parties, flights, tattoos and so many other experiences that will stay in my memory forever.”

Gil added that the pair had so many plans for the future, “so many places to eat, trips and hangouts, flights to here and there — your big trip that you were so looking forward to, we planned for me to pick you up in mid-March and we would surprise the whole family that you were back. Oh, how I wish you would come back.”

Shir’s mother, Ya’ara, wrote on Facebook, “My daughter, my life — they took you from me and we are shattered… You are with me in my heart in every moment and I love you endlessly, my beauty, my princess.”

Speaking to a memorial Instagram page, Ya’ara said Shir “was a gentle, polite and quiet girl, a girl with a huge heart. She loved her family very much, and had many friends, including those she knew since kindergarten.”

“Shir loved nature and trips, she loved to travel in Israel and in other countries, loved shopping, cafes, restaurants, she loved sweets and always had them with coffee,” her mother added. “Shir and I had a very special connection: She was my best friend, she was my daughter, a true princess, the pride of any mother, she was a girl of joy and love.”

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