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TruthFinder Review: Is TruthFinder Legit Or A Scam?

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As the world becomes more and more complex every single year, background checks become more important. You never know who you’re dealing with and a good background check service can quite literally save your home, business, and even your life. There are dozens of options to choose from and having to settle on one service can be quite overwhelming. TruthFinder is one service that gets mentioned quite a bit on the web so we thought we’d take a closer look at it to determine whether or not TruthFinder is a worthy background check website or if there are better options available.

Understanding TruthFinder As A Background Check Service (Review)

TruthFinder has been around since 2014 and made its way out of San Diego, California. With its many years in service, it has been able to perform thousands of background checks without any hiccups.

When the platform performs a background check, it scans millions of records in minutes. Many people will find this useful when they are using this program.  TruthFinder searches all open-source available information. Afterward, the platform will display all the relevant information found in a report style for the user.

This may help the user find the information they want like arrest records, social media profiles, contact information, and more. One of the biggest reasons people like to use TruthFinder is that they can access more open source records than other platforms may not have.

Not many services offer this in-depth information, and if there is one, then it would be expensive to use. Also, many of the competitors do not have access to this information, so people would need to search for themselves. When someone uses TurthFinder, they will have a more in-depth knowledge of the person they have looked for, unlike if they just Googled it.

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Pros and Cons Of Using This Site

Even though there are many pros to TruthFinder, there are some cons. This is because no service is perfect, but there are many features that we need to praise TruthFinder for:


  • There is an Android app.
  • With the monthly membership plan, people can access an unlimited number of reports.
  • There are good refinement tools for the search option.
  • People can use it to monitor themselves on the internet.
  • All of the reports are up to date.
  • If a person is worried that their information has been leaked onto the dark web, they can scan for this with TruthFinder.
  • All reports follow the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which means that people will know what and how they can use these reports.


  • Customers will need to purchase a monthly subscription because there is no one-time purchase.
  • Anyone who wants to download a report will need to pay extra.
  • It can only gather information on people from the United States.
  • There are ads, but that is to help keep prices down.

What Are Some of the Key Features Of This Site?

There are more things available than just background checks with TruthFinder. Below are some of the key features that are in TruthFinder:

  • Background checks.
  • Dark web scan.
  • Criminal records search.
  • People search.
  • Family tree.
  • Phone book.
  • Reverse phone lookup.
  • Public records.

This review will go into a more in-depth analysis of each of the previously mentioned features.

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Background Checks and What You Will Get

Background checks are the most popular services on TruthFinder. The company is mostly known for this service, making it one of the best features. It will scan private and public records, which means that people will receive more information on the person they are searching for than the competitors.

Also, people will receive a lot of information on the person they are searching for. The following is the information that TruthFinder can find for the person, but this is only if the information is available online. This does not guarantee that TruthFinder will find all this information every time because it is only possible if the service can find this information.

Personal Information

  • Full name.
  • Age.
  • Date of birth.
  • Contact information.

Location History

  • Past and current addresses.
  • If those addresses were commercial or residential.
  • Census data.
  • Local demographic data.
  • Possible neighbors.


  • Mortgages.
  • Property tax.
  • Sale amount.
  • Rental properties.
  • Liens.
  • Bankruptcies.

Online Profiles

  • Blogs.
  • Personal website.
  • Social media profiles.
  • News stories.

Education and Employment

  • Educational background. Any degrees that were obtained during higher education.
  • Employment history.


  • Marriage records.
  • Divorce records.
  • Possible neighbors.
  • Business partners.
  • Relatives.
  • Friends.
  • Anyone who lived at the same address.

Criminal Records

  • Location of the crime and the arrest.
  • The charge category.
  • Offense description.
  • The date of the offense.
  • Court name and case number.

Sexual Offenders

  • The person’s sex offender status.
  • If there are any registered sex offenders living close to their address.

Dark Web Scan

The dark web is scary, so people do not want any of their information there. Since there is so much information, people want to scan the dark web to ensure their information is not amongst them. Luckily, people can do that with TruthFinder. This feature was designed to help people find out if they were a victim of identity theft or if any of their information has been compromised in a certain way.

Since the world is moving closer to the internet, and everything is becoming digital, identity theft is a real possibility that people will need to look at. It has become a major risk regarding people’s information and their lives.

Luckily, TruthFinder created this feature to help people. Also, people can customize their dark web scan to choose which pieces of their personal information they are looking for. This is a great way to search for your information. The different options are:

  • Contact information.
  • Debit and credit cards.
  • Bank account numbers.
  • Phone number.
  • Driver’s license.
  • Passport number.
  • Phone number.
  • Medical identification numbers.
  • Social security number.
  • Membership or retail cards.

TruthFinder will go through many different websites, chat rooms, social media feeds, file sharing networks, forums, and more to find this information on the dark web. This thorough search will help anyone who wants to ensure their information is safe.

Reverse Phone Lookup

People who want to look up the owner of a phone number can do so with the reverse phone feature. This feature is one of the most popular features on the list because people always get phone calls from numbers they don’t recognize. When this happens, you might want to check who the owner is.

TruthFinder can do this because it can scan public records for the phone number. Also, people will not need to put in any other information except the phone number, which makes it easy to use and find the owner. In the results, people may get information like the owner’s name and any other aliases they might go by.

Also, there is always a possibility of seeing a photo of the person. Lastly, people will also receive a list of names of people who have previously had that phone number. All this information is useful for people who want to know who is calling them and possibly why.

How Do You Complete a Background Check on TruthFinder?

People who want to use an easy service will be happy to know that the website has been created for simplicity. This is one of the biggest selling points when it comes to TruthFinder. If you want to complete a background check, then you will need to complete the following steps:

  • When the user goes to the home page, they need to enter the person’s full name in the form.
  • Then, they will need to add the person’s state and city, but this can be skipped if you do not know this information. However, it will be harder to find the person without it.
  • While waiting, the system may ask for additional information on the person. This is to help quicken the search process by narrowing down other possibilities. An example will be telling the system that the person is an only child or if they have never moved.
  • A list of potential candidates will be available for the user to look at. Hopefully, the person will be on this list because then, the person will need to click on their name.
  • Lastly, they will need to request a background check.

At this point, if the user does not have an account with TruthFinder, they will be asked to create one and pay for the subscription. Once this is complete, they will receive their requested background check.

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How Much Does TruthFinder Cost?

One downside that people may look at is that they will need to pay a subscription service fee to use TruthFinder. There is no option for people to pay for reports on a one-time basis. People will be able to buy the membership for $28.05 a month, and it does come with most of the features that were previously listed.

However, a discount is available for those who want to pay a two-month discount of $23.28 per month if they pay the first two months in advance. However, the price will go back once the two months are over. Also, there is a different membership for those who only want to use the reverse phone lookup feature. This will cost them $4.99 a month.

People can purchase either one or both of these services. However, users should know that they will need to pay to download the background check report that they have requested. This will cost them $2.99, which is applied to every report downloaded. Luckily, people do not need to pay to view the report, so they can just look at it online if they want.

The prices may put some people off, but those who need to use this service often will find it cheaper in the long run compared to other sites. However, every user should ensure that this is what they want to do before they sign-up for the service.

What Is Customer Support Like?

Customer support can make or break any service or program because no one likes working with a team that does not care about them and their needs. Luckily, the customer support team for TruthFinder is impressive. Users can only speak with a live representative on the chat between 7 AM and 7 PM Pacific Time.

Some people may not like the timing, but it is still better than many other services that do not have available live representatives for 12 hours daily. There is no support for late nights or weekends, but there is an FAQ section that has been filled with a lot of relevant information that a lot of people would appreciate. Since there is so much information on that page, most people should be able to find the answer to their questions.

The only downside is that there should be more options to contact customer support. Even though people can only use the live chat option, the people will be speaking with TruthFinder’s experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate team about the service and the customers. People will like that they can speak with an actual person and not just a robot.

What Do Other People Say About TruthFinder?

Online, there are many positive TruthFinder reviews for this service. Since there is an overwhelming amount, we can almost say that everyone who needs a service like this will not be disappointed with the result. People continue to rave about the website’s features and user-friendly interface.

All of this combined has created a service that many people have enjoyed using for their needs, and they will continue using it as time passes.

Top-Notch Security and Safety

Since this website has a lot of access to personal and sensitive information, it is imperative that the security is top-notch. Luckily, it is. TruthFinder prides itself on having security measures that will keep all of this information safe and out of the hands of any fraudulent activity. All the data the service sends out is encrypted, meaning it is safe from hackers trying to access it.

Also, the user’s information is safe, allowing them to search peacefully and not worry about whether someone else will get access to their personal information. Additionally, the team at TruthFinder is aware that there is a lot of sensitive information on the website, so a designated team is constantly monitoring the site.

All the information will be protected, preventing criminals from changing the information on the site. This is crucial because there are many cases where cybercriminals have been able to change someone’s information on the site, providing the customer with the wrong information. Luckily, this constant state of security allows TruthFinder to ensure that all the data is protected at all times.

Is TruthFinder Safe To Use?

TruthFinder uses many different safety measures, which means it is safe. People will be able to search in peace, knowing that no one will have access to their information because of all the security measures that have been put in place. Also, TruthFinder will ensure that the person being looked up in the system does not know this is happening.

This is just another way that TruthFinder keeps your information safe.

Is TruthFinder Legit?

People may be wondering if TruthFinder is a legit service, but it is. There is no need to worry when it comes to using this service because there are many other reviews on the internet that all praise TruthFinder and the information that people can gather from it. It is one of the best background check services people will enjoy using if they need this information.

Also, the results are constantly up to date and accurate, meaning that people will not need to worry about the information they are receiving because it is all correct. Additionally, TruthFinder goes the extra mile and shows users how they can use the information they have received from the service. This is another way that shows how reliable TruthFinder is.

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Is TruthFinder Really Legal?

The information that TruthFinder provides customers is legal, but it also depends on how the person uses it. Luckily, the company has clearly outlined how people can use the provided information legally, so people should not be using it illegally. People can use it to make sure that their children are only in contact with the right people, that their blind date is safe, and possibly find a long-lost relative.

This is also because this information can only be used for personal reasons. The information that someone can gather from TruthFinder cannot be used for any business decisions. People cannot use this information to screen their tenants, employment opportunities, or to check people’s credit scores. This is because people can only use this information for those purposes when they use a Consumer Reporting Agency.

TruthFinder is not a Consumer Reporting Agency, so people cannot use this information for business-related purposes.

Stated on the TruthFinder site:
The information available on our website may not be 100% accurate, complete, or up to date, so do not use it as a substitute for your own due diligence, especially if you have concerns about a person’s criminal history. TruthFinder does not make any representation or warranty about the accuracy of the information available through our website or about the character or integrity of the person about whom you inquire.

Common Questions About Background Checks

Since TruthFinder is a background checking service, people may want to know a bit more about background checks before they use this service for their own personal needs.

What Is a Background Check?

A background check is checking whether a person is who they say they are. This can be confirmed by looking at their records for their employment, education, phone numbers, social media, criminal records, and more. All this information will help people determine whether this person is really them or if they have stolen someone else’s identity.

Why Are Background Checks Run?

There are many reasons why someone may want to perform a background check. Some companies will require a background check before they hire a potential candidate. However, there are regulations put in place in every state when it comes to this type of service. That is why they need to contact a Consumer Reporting Agency to perform the background check that is needed.

However, a reason why people may want to complete a background check for a personal reason is that they want to feel safe. Sometimes, when a new neighbor moves in next door, people will want to make sure that they are safe. Also, people may want to look up to someone that they have been dating to make sure that they are safe before taking the next step.

With so many reasons to complete a background check, it is not as weird as people think.

How Easy Is It to Run a Background Check?

If the user is running a background check for a personal reason, they will just need to pay for the service and provide the basic information they have on the person they want to check on. Since the system is already designed to search through the many different public and private records, people will have no issue when it comes to getting background check reports.

Also, services like TruthFinder will look at multiple sources that other services may not look at. This is another reason why if you want to complete a background check, then TruthFinder is one of the best options.

Conclusion – TruthFinder Gets The Job Done

There are many different background checking services, but TruthFinder is one of the most popular ones. People can also use it to complete a reverse phone lookup or to make sure that their information is not circling the dark web. Since the company has made sure that the website is safe and secure, many people will be happy to use it. They will have peace of mind when they are using this service.

Also, even though the customer support could be better, it is still great, and the team is always eager to help. People will be happy to know they are speaking with a real person, not just a robot. However, the other thing that people will need to keep in mind is the monthly memberships that they will need to pay for their use of TruthFinder.

Luckily, once the subscription has been paid, then they can complete an unlimited number of searches. Before purchasing, every user should double-check with the pricing and the offers that are available. Otherwise, they should enjoy their use of TruthFinder for their personal use.

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