Tel Aviv binary options firm advertises for ‘predators’

Tel Aviv binary options firm advertises for ‘predators’

A Facebook ad seeking binary options employees features a blood-sucking woman next to the words ‘Predators work at night’ and the company’s logo

A Facebook ad for an Israel-based binary options firm posted April 19, 2016 (Screenshot)
A Facebook ad for an Israel-based binary options firm posted April 19, 2016 (Screenshot)

A help-wanted ad for a Tel Aviv-based binary options company posted online on Tuesday said it was looking for “predators of the night” — by which it meant English-speaking salespeople to staff its call center targeting international clients.

Accompanying the ad was a photo of a blood-sucking woman alongside the words “predators work at night” and the company’s logo at the bottom-right.

The ad went on to say: “Prime Sales, A successful and dynamic international company, specializing in the financial services industry is looking for English speakers to work with international clients. If you’re interested in working in a quality company and making the highest salaries in the industry without any experience, you’ve come to the right place!”

Beginning with a March 23 article headlined “The wolves of Tel Aviv,” The Times of Israel has for several weeks been detailing widespread theft in Israel’s binary options industry, which contains many fraudulent players and has newly been banned by the Israel Securities Authority from targeting customers within Israel. Several prominent job boards in Israel aimed at English speakers have banned binary options companies from posting on their pages.

The “predator” ad was posted in the “Job Opportunities in Israel” Facebook group, the “Jobs for English Speakers in Tel Aviv” group, as well as a group for former salespeople of Dead Sea products, another industry that has tarnished Israel’s reputation abroad.

A Purim party at Prime Sales (Facebook)


The ads refer those interested in the job to the company’s Facebook group, where a link leads to a company called OptionRally, which appears to be the customer-facing web site associated with Prime Sales. OptionRally describes itself as a company “headquartered in Limassol, Cyprus and maintains offices all over the globe with more than 1,000 employees. OptionRally’s staff consists of highly respected financial industry experts who are dedicated to providing high-quality risk management and investment services, and adding value to our clients’ experience through personal attention, dedication and commitment.” has been the subject of investor alerts by the Canadian Securities Authority as well as regulators in Japan and Hong Kong.

Previous ads for Prime Sales promise prospective employees that they can earn a “2-month salary in 4.5 days,” “get paid like a Wall Street broker” and “live the fancy life you’ve been dreaming about.”

Another ad shows a still from the movie “The Wolves of Wall Street” with naked women and other women clad in stripper attire accompanied by the words, “Who said that working and partying can’t go together?”

An ad for Prime Sales featuring a still from ‘The Wolves of Wall Street” (Screenshot)
An ad for Prime Sales featuring a still from ‘The Wolves of Wall Street” (Screenshot)

A perusal of the company’s Facebook page shows smiling people, most of them in their 20’s, enjoying company parties, Kanye West concerts, lavish food buffets and appearing to win prizes like new laptops and flat-screen TVs.

There is also a photo of the company recruiting new employees at a Jewish Agency event subtitled, “Jewish Agency Aliyah Conference in Jerusalem May 2015 — It was fun!!”

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