Flash mob marriage proposal
Put a ring on itPut a ring on it

Flash mob marriage proposal

At the Hebrew U. library, young man enlists the help of a few friends in asking for his longtime girlfriend's hand

A very public proposal. (photo credit: screenshot via YouTube)
A very public proposal. (photo credit: screenshot via YouTube)

A young man enlisted the help of a few friends last month when he asked his longtime girlfriend to marry him in the middle of a flash mob at Hebrew University.

The unsuspecting Olga was busy hitting the books at the university library on Mount Scopus when a friend pulled her into the hall to witness a spectacle.

With Bruno Mars’ appropriately titled “Marry You” playing in the background, the show began. Students who a moment before had seemed engrossed in their studies all of a sudden became part of the proposal, dancing and handing out flowers to Olga.

She was paraded with fanfare through the hall, and then a video started, showing Elad asking Olga’s family for her hand in marriage. Her aunt and grandmother had some heartwarming reactions.

After that, Elad makes it — through some clever cinematic maneuvering — to the library with the ring, and gets on bended knee. Olga replies to the big question with a “betakh!” (“of course!”). After six years together and such a grandiose proposal, it was a no brainer.

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