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Shaked Habani, 21: A ‘magnetic’ personality who lived life joyfully

Murdered at the Supernova music festival on October 7

Shaked Habani (Instagram)
Shaked Habani (Instagram)

Shaked Habani, 21, from Ness Ziona, was murdered by Hamas terrorists at the Supernova music festival on October 7.

When Hamas began to shoot a massive volley of rockets at Israel early that morning, Shaked called her mother, Bella, and told her she would get out of there as soon as there was a break from rockets. She was not heard from again.

Five agonizing days later, after Shaked’s family had searched for her in hospitals across the country, they were given the terrible news that she had been murdered at the festival.

Shaked is survived by her parents, Bella and Yossi, and her two younger brothers, Nitzan and Peleg. She was only a month away from celebrating her 22nd birthday.

Shaked was a dedicated member of the Scouts and served as an artillery instructor in the IDF. Two months before attending the music festival, she had returned from a post-army trip to South America.

Her parents told Ynet that Shaked was like a counselor for all her peers and kids who were younger than her. In posts dedicated to her, friends talked about her magnetic personality and how easy she was to talk to.

“She would talk to, empower, and guide everyone,” her parents said. “She never let anyone around her be unseen or sad.”

Shaked’s friends and family set up an Instagram account dedicated to memorializing her where they described her as being “special in every aspect of life” and said that she had left a legacy of “being good people, respecting one another, giving, and living joyfully.”

Shira, Shaked’s friend from the army, wrote that she “knew how to listen and then say exactly the right thing even if you didn’t want to hear it, and she would say it in the kindest way possible.”

Another friend, Lior, wrote that Shaked was a “once in a lifetime” kind of friend who had made her strive “to be a more caring, considerate, and sensitive person.”

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