Johnson Controls seeks startups for innovation program

Johnson Controls seeks startups for innovation program

Irish-maker of smart building products says program aims to help startups grow and reach new markets

Or Shinhertz manager of the Johnson Controls Innovation program (Courtesy)
Or Shinhertz manager of the Johnson Controls Innovation program (Courtesy)

Johnson Controls, an Ireland-based maker of automotive batteries, electronics and air conditioning equipment for buildings, is seeking applicants to join the 4th cycle of its flagship Partnership Program, which aims to help startups grow and tap into global markets.

Startups in the areas of security and safety, video processing and deep learning, retail analytics and loss prevention, batteries and energy solutions, heating ventilation and air conditioning, building automation and sensing, detection and identity tracking are encouraged to apply, the company said in a statement.

The idea of the Johnson Controls Open Innovation program, formerly Tyco Innovation, is to bring new and advanced ideas to the marketplace. The program has already helped 25 startups market their products in industries ranging from industrialized drones and automated traffic management systems to highly complex systems designed to mitigate cybersecurity threats in real-time, the statement said.

Companies like Vayyar, which develops 3D imaging sensor technology capable of detecting the presence of people through smoke and gas, and Mobilicom, a private wireless solutions provider for mission-critical-networks that functions without any infrastructure, have been able to use the program to promote their products globally, Johnson Controls said.

The program enables post-seed stage startups in A and B funding stage that have prototypes or initial sales to use Johnson’s know-how and its access to customers to run joint pilots with the company or its customers and then commercialize their products together and set up licensing and investment agreements with them.

Johnson Controls International Inc was formed via a merger of the US company Johnson Controls with Tyco International in January 2016, and employs 170,000 people in 1,300 locations across six continents.

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