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Top aging research powers algorithm aiming to slow down the biological clock

Fast-growing InsideTracker app founded by Israeli scientist hopes to add active years to users’ lives

“I can't imagine not using InsideTracker,” says Olympic silver medalist and NYC Marathon winner Shalane Flanagan (InsideTracker)
“I can't imagine not using InsideTracker,” says Olympic silver medalist and NYC Marathon winner Shalane Flanagan (InsideTracker)

What if a simple blood test could reveal how fast you are aging, and advise you how to stop – or at least slow down – the process?

InsideTracker, a US startup founded by an Israeli researcher of aging, hopes to add active years to users’ lives through a personalized nutrition and performance system that could mean more to you, your health providers and ultimately your insurance company than the number of candles on your birthday cake.

The InsideTracker app – available for all online devices – flags problem areas and delivers customized interventions, like “have one serving of probiotics each day” or “aim for three 20-minute workouts per week” that can help you live, age and perform better.

“To perform at your best, you need to look under the hood. InsideTracker helps me do that,” says Dr. Emily Kraus, a sports medicine physician and researcher at Stanford University in California. “I find I’m reinforcing the recommendations given by InsideTracker. It doesn’t replace me, but it does make my job easier.”

“Nothing else like it is publicly available. It’s both personalized and credible,” she adds.

The platform analyzes up to 43 biomarkers in your blood that affect energy, metabolism, strength and endurance, plus a DNA test to see how 261 genetic markers influence your athletic potential. It aims to give users a clearer picture of what’s going on inside their body than ever before.

Typical users are athletes over 40 “who see their body as a machine they want to fine-tune for better performance and a healthier, longer life,” says InsideTracker CEO Rony Sellam. Other people join after getting a negative report from their doctor or finding that the health system is not giving them all the answers they want.

“They want to take charge of their health,” Sellam says. The day is coming “when every blood test you take will come with a profile of your inner age and recommendations on how to improve it.”

“We’ll end up working with health providers, insurance companies and employers to improve peoples’ health span – or how many healthy years they have – and not just their life span,” he says.

The company’s technology has been certified in peer-reviewed research published in Scientific Reports. Dr. Gil Blander, InsideTracker’s founder and chief scientific officer, researched his doctorate at the Weizmann Institute before pursuing post-doctoral studies at MIT. He is a co-founder and former president of Science Abroad, an organization of Israeli scientists overseas. Blander is recognized worldwide for his research into the basic biology of aging and translating research discoveries into new ways of detecting and preventing age-related conditions. The InsideTracker team is advised by leading scientists from Harvard, Yale, MIT, Tufts and elsewhere.

“We are working hard every day to realize our mission of helping people live a healthier, longer life — to add years to their lives and life to their years,” Blander says. “We don’t just tell you what’s normal; we identify optimal ranges and then deliver action plans of science-backed recommendations, plus regular retests, to continually calibrate your body and help you reach your goals.”

InsideTracker saw its direct-to-consumer sales jump by 280% in 2021 and is forecasting a similar increase in 2022. Its customer base is also growing in the triple digits and it has added multiple new health and fitness organizations as partners over the past year.

“The levels are insane. It’s not something you can plan for. It has exceeded all our estimates,” Sellam says, crediting a global trend toward personalized experiences like Spotify and Netflix, as well an increase in general health concerns and a growing awareness of behavioral impact on fighting disease triggered by the coronavirus pandemic.

The company’s findings are also advancing scientific research. Stanford has used the platform in research on the relationship between hormones and bone density in athletes. “That’s a testament to the reliability and ease of working with InsideTracker,” Kraus says, calling its scientific team “unique in being on top of the research and gaps in the research to make me more confident in using them with the elite athlete.”

Top sportspeople are among the most prominent – and enthusiastic – users of the platform.

“I can’t imagine not using InsideTracker. It is vital to creating my health goal and helps me prioritize longevity. I want to be in coaching for a long time and I still want to be a great athlete 20 years down the line,” says Shalane Flanagan, an Olympic silver medalist, NYC Marathon winner and Nike Coach.

“Working with InsideTracker allows me to be a better version of me,” says Ted King, a professional cyclist. “I can optimize my daily performance to be the very best husband/father/athlete/person I can thanks to daily check-ins with the app and periodic tests throughout the year.”

But you don’t have to be a professional athlete to benefit from the technology.

“Guessing what your body is craving or overdosing on is a huge gamble,” says Hilary Patzer, a self-described body architect and acupuncturist. “InsideTracker takes the guesswork out of staying healthy, competitive and sharp.”

“I found out I have high cholesterol, and more important, my glucose,” says Jodee Siff, a retiree from Tucson, Arizona. “If I don’t watch it, I’ll be diabetic! If not for InsideTracker, I would never have thought this possible.”

InsideTracker’s list of elite clients continues to grow. In addition to the US Olympic Committee and several professional sports franchises, more branches of the US military are also adopting the platform in a collaboration that began in 2016. The company’s projected income for 2021 is expected to double year-on-year and it is now raising additional capital to expand its operations in the US and other countries.

Investors can participate in InsideTracker’s current funding round through OurCrowd, the Jerusalem-based funding platform. For more details, click HERE.

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