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Daily Briefing Apr. 7 – Rivlin taps Netanyahu for another Catch-22 coalition

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Today’s panel comprises ToI editor David Horovitz and editor-in-chief of our Hebrew sister site Biranit Goren, along with host Amanda Borschel-Dan.

President Reuven Rivlin reluctantly gave Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu the nod to form a new government on Tuesday, saying, “This was not an easy decision on a moral and ethical basis, in my mind… And I fear for my country.” What do these astounding words signify, and can Netanyahu actually form a coalition?

The 24th Knesset was coincidentally also sworn in yesterday, with much fanfare — and an activist stunt on the part of four out of six Arab Joint List MKs, who swapped out a declaration of allegiance to the State of Israel and Knesset for fighting “apartheid,” “occupation,” and “racism.” Goren speaks about a previous Likud government that took part in an even more sweeping protest several decades ago.

And finally, we give a brief update on the new position held by the Population and Immigration Authority, which is allowing non-Israelis with first-degree relatives in the country to finally come to the Holy Land for a visit.

Discussed articles include:

Rivlin reluctantly taps Netanyahu to form government: ‘Not an easy moral choice’

Road to a coalition seems blocked, but Netanyahu is in the driver’s seat, again

Netanyahu to meet Bennett Thursday, vows to seek end to ‘cycle of elections’

Joint List MKs spark outcry in Knesset ceremony with oath to fight ‘occupation’

As anti-gay MKs sworn in, activists fear ‘step backwards’ on LGBT rights

Vaccinated or recovered foreigners permitted to enter Israel to visit relatives

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