J.Lo uses Koolulam version of her ‘Let’s Get Loud’ at Super Bowl
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J.Lo uses Koolulam version of her ‘Let’s Get Loud’ at Super Bowl

In halftime show, superstar channeled the adaptation created by the Israeli social singing initiative in October 2019; CEO says they couldn’t believe it was going to happen

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When J. Lo performed “Let’s Get Loud” with her daughter, Emme, in front of hundreds of millions of fans at Sunday night’s halftime Super Bowl show, she was channeling Israeli social singing enterprise Koolulam.

The Latina superstar caught a video of the performance of “Let’s Get Loud,” performed by Koolulam to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 2019.

At that gathering, more than 2,000 women and men came together to record the song and to spread a message about the power of early detection, as the event was cosponsored by breast cancer organization One in Nine.

“It seems that it made its way to her,” said Michal Shahaf, Koolulam’s CEO. “She loved our rendition and how we sang it.”

Koolulam’s first interaction with Jennifer Lopez’s team was through Instagram.

“From there it was to email and then to the phone with her musical director,” said Shahaf. “She told me that J.Lo loved our performance and wanted to use part of it in the Super Bowl. We couldn’t really believe it.”

The entire start of Lopez’s performance of “Let’s Get Loud,” which included her 11-year-old daughter Emme and fellow halftime show singer Shakira on drums, accompanied by a chorus of young singers, was inspired by the Koolulam adaptation of Lopez’s hit song.

“The first verse and the refrain are our adaptation and that’s what they asked to use,” said Shahaf.

“Let’s Get Loud” was written by fellow Latina Gloria Estefan, and sung by Lopez in 1999 for her debut album, “On the 6,” which went on to sell eight million copies worldwide.

Shahaf said she couldn’t quite believe that the singing superstar was going to use the Koolulam version.

The 20 Koolulam staff members sat in a Tel Aviv bar on Sunday night to watch the Super Bowl halftime show, which aired in the middle of the night Israel time.

“Until I saw it, I couldn’t really believe that something we did would be there, at the Super Bowl,” said Shahaf. “We were waiting on the edge of our seats to see how it would look.”

J.Lo’s eight-minute performance, which followed Shakira, ended with her version of “Let’s Get Loud.”

“We just froze with excitement,” said Shahaf. “And the most moving part of it is to consider that our goal is to get to as many people as possible with our message and suddenly, in the most unexpected of ways, our music gets to hundreds of millions of people and it’s a moment in the Koolulam career.”

So where does Koolulam go from here?

“The next thing is for us to be in the Super Bowl,” said Shahaf.

She was serious.

Get ready for Super Bowl LV.

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