Likud, Blue and White present their nominees for next state comptroller

Likud, Blue and White present their nominees for next state comptroller

For the first time in over 30 years, none of the candidates for government ombudsman are judges

Matanyahu Engelman (YouTube screenshot)
Matanyahu Engelman (YouTube screenshot)

The prospective coalition and opposition on Monday announced their nominees for state comptroller, to replace incumbent Yosef Shapira when his term ends in July.

Likud nominated Michal Rosenboim, currently legal adviser to the Union of Municipal Corporations, and Matanyahu Engelman, currently CEO of the Council of Higher Education.

According to Hebrew media reports, Rosenboim’s candidacy was promoted by the Knesset’s ultra-Orthodox parties.

The party likely to head the opposition, Blue and White, nominated Giora Romm, Israel’s former military attaché in the United States and former deputy commander of the Israeli Air Force.

Unusually, none of the three candidates are judges. Though it is not a prerequisite for the job, since 1987 every comptroller had previously served in the judiciary.

Monday was the last day for nominations to be made. The next comptroller will be chosen by secret ballot in the Knesset in early June.

A candidate must receive the votes of at least 61 MKs in order to be appointed, and several rounds of voting may take place until the required number of votes is secured.

Giora Romm on March 20, 2017 (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

It is the state comptroller’s job to review the policies and actions of the government and its agencies. According to the Knesset website he is tasked with “inspecting the legality, integrity, managerial norms, efficiency and economy of the audited bodies, as well as any other matter which he or she deems necessary.”

The comptroller issues annual reports as well as special reports on issues that he believes require attention.

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