LISTEN: Alone together with Fiona — from the WhyWhyWhy! podcast
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LISTEN: Alone together with Fiona — from the WhyWhyWhy! podcast

What happens when you discover that a dear friend lives within shouting distance of your Tel Aviv apartment? Well, if you can’t go outside, you shout

Miriam Herschlag is Ops & Blogs editor at The Times of Israel

This week, we bring you one short story, “Alone together with Fiona,” told by Abi Hartuv. It’s a tale of neighbors nurturing ties even while confined to their homes — in other words, a story born of the extraordinary circumstances in which we all find ourselves during the coronavirus crisis.

“WhyWhyWhy!” which, whenever a pandemic is not gripping the globe, features stories told to an audience in a Tel Aviv bar, is hosted by Times of Israel’s opinion and blogs editor Miriam Herschlag and TLV1 Podcast’s Noah Efron. For now, Miriam, Noah, and show producer Susan Warchaizer have taken the show off the road and into lockdown. They continue to seek out true, captivating stories that embody our humanity, through an Israeli lens, amidst the chaos and uncertainty of the epidemic. These are the stories that will stick around for the retelling long after the crisis has passed.

Abi Hartuv and family wave to their neighbor. March 2020 (courtesy)

The podcast, a collaboration between The Times of Israel and TLV1 Podcasts, welcomes new story submissions. If you’d like to contribute a story, contact the hosts at

Also this week on The Times of Israel Podcast, we’ll discover how hi-tech can allow religiously observant Jews to stay connected to their prayer communities, and how it can also help those at highest risk during the coronavirus crisis — the elderly.

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