Nasrallah insists Sunday attack was successful, forced Israelis to flee border
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Nasrallah insists Sunday attack was successful, forced Israelis to flee border

Hezbollah chief speaks after Israeli defense official says IDF had stood ready to destroy the terror group’s missile program if any soldier was harmed

A speech by Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah is transmitted on a large screen in the Lebanese capital Beirut's southern suburbs on August 31, 2019. (Anwar Amro/AFP)
A speech by Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah is transmitted on a large screen in the Lebanese capital Beirut's southern suburbs on August 31, 2019. (Anwar Amro/AFP)

The Times of Israel liveblogged Monday’s events as they happened.

ICC judges order prosecutor to consider investigating Israel over Mavi Marmara

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — Appeals judges order the International Criminal Court’s prosecutor to reconsider again her refusal to open a formal investigation into the 2010 storming by Israeli forces of a Turkish flotilla heading to the Gaza strip.

Presiding Judge Solomy Bossa ordered Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda to decide by December 2 whether or not to open a formal probe. The 3-2 majority ruling by the court’s appeals chamber is the latest step in a long legal battle to bring the case before the court.

Bensouda earlier declined a request by the Indian Ocean island nation of Comoros to investigate the May 31, 2010, storming of a vessel in the flotilla, which was sailing under a Comoros flag.

Israel is not a member state of the court but its nationals could face charges if Bensouda opens an investigation.

In her initial refusal to open a full-scale investigation, Bensouda acknowledged that war crimes may have been committed on the Mavi Marmara ship, where in a melee after Israeli commandos boarded the ship and were met with violence, 10 Turkish activists belonging to the pro-Hamas IHH group were killed and several other pro-Palestinian activists were wounded. Several of the Israeli soldiers were also wounded. But she decided that the case wasn’t serious enough to merit an ICC probe. Comoros appealed that decision and sought a judicial review when Bensouda once again refused to investigate the case.

The ICC was set up as a court of last resort intended to prosecute senior leaders allegedly responsible for grave crimes including genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity when national courts prove unable or unwilling to take on such cases.

The appeals panel on Monday criticizes Bensouda for her rejection of calls by a lower panel of judges to reconsider the case.

“The appeals chamber also finds that the unfortunate language used by the prosecutor to express her disagreement demonstrates that she was entirely misinformed as to what was required of her in conducting the requested reconsideration,” Bossa says.

— AP

Palestinian women protest after suspected domestic violence murder

Hundreds of Palestinian women protest in front of the Palestinian Authority prime minister’s office in Ramallah to demand an investigation into the death of a 21-year-old woman whom many suspect was the victim of a so-called honor killing.

Israa Ghrayeb, 21, died last month after being hospitalized with severe injuries. Friends and women’s rights groups suspect her male relatives attacked her over a video shared online that purportedly showed her out with a man who had proposed to her.

The family says she jumped from a balcony of their home after being “possessed by demons.”

In conservative areas across the Middle East, women have been murdered by male relatives over suspicions they brought shame to the family by violating strict rules on relationships.

The protesters call for tougher laws protecting women.

— AP

Iranian judo champion afraid to go home in Israel dispute

TOKYO — A judo world champion from Iran is afraid to return home after disobeying orders from his government to withdraw from the world championships in Tokyo to avoid a potential bout against an Israeli opponent.

The International Judo Federation says Saeid Mollaei was ordered to withdraw from last week’s competition by Iranian deputy sports minister Davar Zani. The IJF says Mollaei was then called by Iranian Olympic Committee president Reza Salehi Amiri, who said security services were at his parents’ house.

Mollaei was the defending champion and could have faced Israeli athlete Sagi Muki in the final. They were the two top-ranked athletes in their class prior to the world championships. Mollaei said he was ordered to withdraw ahead of a preliminary bout against a Russian so it didn’t appear to be a boycott of Israel.

Mollaei kept competing but eventually lost in the semifinals and did not have to face Muki, who won gold and later called Mollaei “an inspiration.”

Iran’s judoka Saeid Mollaei reacts after losing to Belgium’s Matthias Casse in the semi-final fight in the men’s under-81 kilogram category during the 2019 Judo World Championships in Tokyo on August 28, 2019. (Charly Triballeau/AFP)

“I want to compete wherever I can,” Mollaei said in a statement from the IJF. “I live in a country whose law does not permit me to. We have no choice, all athletes must comply with it. All I did today was for my life, for a new life. I need help. Even if the authorities of my country told me that I can go back without any problems, I am afraid.”

The IJF says it will help Mollaei prepare for next year’s Olympics, also in Tokyo. If Iran refuses to enter him, one option could be the International Olympic Committee-backed team of refugee athletes.

Iranian sports teams have for several decades had a policy of not competing against Israelis, which the country does not recognize. The IJF has said Iranians have thrown matches and used “questionable injuries” to avoid competing against Israelis.

— AP

Lod parents charged with abuse, neglect of 7-year-old girl

Prosecutors file an indictment against a father and mother after police last month found their 7-year-old daughter tied to a bathtub and showing signs of severe physical abuse.

The indictment includes accusations that the parents washed the girl in boiling water and starved her.

On August 12, police arrived at the girl’s home in the central Israeli city of Lod after receiving complaints from neighbors of persistent crying. As they prepared to break down the door, the suspects arrived from an outing at the beach. The father rushed to the bathroom in an apparent effort to untie his daughter before the officers saw. However, the cops followed him to discover the girl in bad physical shape.

She was tied by her hands, feet and neck to the bathtub with a thick rope that the officers had to use a knife to cut. The girl was taken to a nearby hospital for a medical examination and doctors discovered signs of severe, long-term neglect and abuse. Those included missing toenails and burn marks, according to Hebrew media reports. A search of the house found evidence tying the parents to their daughter’s abuse, police said.

The father, 51, and mother 36, were arrested on the spot and have remained behind bars since.

Hebrew media reported police had discovered that the girl had been born in the West Bank and was smuggled into Israel without any documentation by her Palestinian mother. Both parents are on their second marriage, family members told Hebrew media last month. The father has 15 children — 12 with his first wife and three with his current one. Family members surmised that the girl, who was not known to them, may be the mother’s eldest, born during her first marriage.

A lawyer representing the parents denied they had tied her up, telling Ynet they had left her sleeping in her bed. The lawyer said the parents were claiming that the girl had been tied up by a burglar who also stole valuables from the apartment while they were out.

FM tells Germany’s Maas ‘all Lebanon’ will be struck if Hezbollah attacks again

After Foreign Minister Israel Katz warns Lebanon would pay a “high price” if Hezbollah attacks Israel, his German counterpart Heiko Maas says Berlin is considering declaring the Lebanese group a terror organization, according to a statement from Katz’s office.

In a phone call between the two, Katz tells Maas that Israel “has no desire to escalate the situation, but is prepared to continue to respond forcefully to any attack against it, and will see Lebanon as solely responsible for that.”

He thanks Maas for Germany’s involvement in the issue, and asks Berlin to convey Israel’s message to Beirut “that the Lebanese government will pay a high price if it doesn’t rein in Hezbollah, allowing more attacks on its part,” according to the Israeli statement to the press. “If you don’t curtail Hezbollah’s activities against Israel, the whole of Lebanon will be struck, and it will be severely hurt,” Katz is quoted as telling Lebanese authorities.

Maas responds that he is worried about yesterday’s developments, in which a Hezbollah cell fired anti-tank missiles at an Israeli military outpost and vehicle on the border, and hopes events don’t escalate.

Katz calls on Germany to sanction the Lebanese terror group. Maas replies, according to the Israeli statement, that “Germany views Hezbollah in Lebanon in a similar way to how Israel views it, and Berlin will soon consider declaring it a terror group.”

About 1,000 flights in Florida canceled as category-5 Dorian nears

McLEAN’S TOWN CAY, Bahamas — Nearly 1,000 flights are canceled in Florida on Labor Day as Hurricane Dorian barrels toward the US East Coast.

The flight tracking site FlightAware lists 990 cancellations into or out of airports in Orlando, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and Palm Beach.

As of around 7 a.m. Monday, the center of the Category 5 storm is around 35 miles (56 kilometers) east-northeast of Freeport on Grand Bahama and 120 miles (193 kilometers) east of West Palm Beach, Florida. Top sustained winds remain at 165 mph (265 kph).

The National Hurricane Center in Miami says that although the official forecast does not show Dorian making landfall in Florida, the hurricane could deviate from that prediction and move very near or over the coast.

The center also says the likelihood is increasing of strong winds and dangerous storm surge along the coasts of Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina later this week.

— AP

Iran’s top diplomat presses Europe on nuke deal

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif says Iran will go back to complying with its 2015 nuclear deal with world powers in full only when European nations go back to delivering on their commitments.

Zarif makes the remarks in Moscow while his deputy travels to Paris with a team of economists in a diplomatic push to renew the nuclear deal that US President Donald Trump withdrew America from over a year ago. Iran set a deadline for Friday for Europe to offer it a way to sell its crude oil on the global market.

Zarif tells reporters after talks with his Russian counterpart that Iran would “be complying with its obligations in full when the Europeans comply with theirs in full.”

— AP

Iran admits test malfunction caused rocket explosion

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran is for the first time acknowledging that a rocket explosion took place at its Imam Khomeini Space Center, with an official saying a technical malfunction caused the blast.

Government spokesman Ali Rabiei makes the statement in comments broadcast by Iranian state television.

He says the explosion caused no fatalities and also that officials had found no sign that sabotage was involved in the explosion.

Satellite photos showed a rocket on a launch pad at the space center had exploded Thursday. The space center is located about 240 kilometers, or 150 miles, southeast of the capital, Tehran.

US President Donald Trump on Friday tweeted a surveillance photo likely taken of the site by an American spy satellite. He wrote that the US had nothing to do with the blast.

This image taken from the Twitter account of US President Donald J. Trump, shows what appears to be a US intelligence photo of the aftermath of an explosion at Iran’s Imam Khomeini Space Center in the country’s Semnan province, August 29, 2019, with the smoldering remains of a rocket on a launch pad at the center, which was to conduct a US-criticized satellite launch. (Twitter via AP)

— AP

Playground at Queens beach club targeted with anti-Semitic graffiti

A playground at a private beach club in Queens is targeted with anti-Semitic and racist graffiti.

The playground at the Silver Gull was closed, the club announced, “due to the recent and increasing vandalism from within the club,” the New York Times reports.

Among the graffiti, according to the report, was “Heil Hitler,” swastikas, and the words “gas chamber” painted on a door. Racial slurs targeting black people also were discovered.

Club management called police over the incident, and also painted over the graffiti.

It is being investigated as a bias crime, Sgt. Richard Firrito, a spokesman for the United States Park Police in New York, tells the newspaper.

The incident reportedly took place while the club was open. In addition to the graffiti, the shed used for arts programs was broken into and the equipment and supplies damaged.


Hasidic couple harassed on Manchester train over Israel’s treatment of Gaza

An identifiably Jewish couple is harassed about Israel’s treatment of Gaza during a train ride in Manchester, England.

The anti-Semitic rant against the couple, dressed in Hasidic garb, was filmed by another passenger in the Metrolink on Thursday night, the Manchester Evening News reports.

The man called across the train car to the couple, asking them: “Does he know about the situation in Gaza?”

The man, who said he was from “Palestine,” was challenged by other passengers but continued his tirade. “I’m just asking one single question,” he said. “How is that an inflammatory question?”

The woman, 27, who filmed the incident told the Manchester newspaper that she reported it to the Community Support Trust, an organization for reporting anti-Semitic hate crime.


Amsterdam stabbing suspect ‘wanted to protect Prophet Mohammed’

THE HAGUE, Netherlands — An Afghan man suspected of stabbing two American tourists last year at Amsterdam’s Central Station tells judges he traveled to the Netherlands “to protect the Prophet Mohammed.”

The 20-year-old man, only identified as “Jawed S.,” appears at a two-day hearing in a heavily fortified courtroom in Amsterdam, where he faces two attempted murder charges with the aim of committing an act of terror.

“I came to the Netherlands to protect my prophet,” Jawed S. tells the judges in reference to the August 31 incident last year that sent midday commuters into a panic and left two severely injured victims. “I was planning to kill unfair and cruel people, those who make it possible for the Prophet Mohammed to be insulted,” national news agency ANP quotes him as saying.

Jawed S. previously mentioned anti-Islam politician Geert Wilders, and his knife assault came a day after the far-right MP announced he was cancelling moves to stage a cartoon competition to caricature the Prophet Mohammed.

Asked what he planned to achieve with his action, Jawed S. tells judges “I wanted to defend my religion and make it clear that my religion should be left alone. If you don’t do that, you should be prepared for these kind of actions,” he says.

Two American tourists were seriously injured in the lunchtime attack inside the Dutch capital’s busy station next to its historic city center. Police reacted quickly, shooting Jawed S. in the lower body before arresting him. One victim remains in a wheelchair with a severe spinal cord injury, while a second man was stabbed in the right chest and arm, according to reports.


Dvir Shnerb, seriously wounded in August 23 bomb attack, released from hospital

Dvir Shnerb, 19, who was seriously hurt in the terror attack August 23 that claimed the life of his 17-year-old sister Rina, is now being released from the hospital, according to a statement from Hadassah Hospital Ein Kerem.

“I’m glad I was here,” Shnerb says in a statement to Hebrew media, “and glad I’m leaving here too.”

Dvir was hospitalized on August 23 with his father after an improvised explosive device detonated near the three as they hiked in the Danny Spring riverbed near the West Bank settlement of Dolev.

He suffered from shrapnel wounds in his stomach, and was rushed into urgent surgery. His condition stabilized after the surgery, and he has spent the past 10 days recuperating. His wounds still require follow-up and rehabilitation to fully heal, Hadassah says.

Reporter walks into deserted IDF post hit by Hezbollah missiles

A reporter from the Russian television network RT claims she entered an IDF post on the Lebanese border and found it deserted, just a day after the post was struck by Hezbollah missiles.

The reporter with RT’s Arabic channel and her camera crew arrive at the post and enter the gate, finding no guards or any personnel of any kind. The team broadcasts seven minutes of their tour through the post live on the network as the reporter walks past military vehicles and enters the soldiers’ private quarters, where clothes and books are clearly visible.

“It’s all empty, there isn’t a single soldier, nothing,” she says.

المعسكر الإسرائيلي الذي استهدفه حزب الله.. شاهد ماذا حل به!

المعسكر الإسرائيلي الذي استهدفه حزب الله.. شاهد ماذا حل به!

פורסם על ידי ‏‎RT Arabic‎‏ ב- יום שני, 2 בספטמבר 2019

A reporter for the Russian television network RT in Arabic wondering around an empty IDF outpost on the Lebanese border near Avivim, a day after it was struck by Hezbollah missiles. (RT screenshot via Channel 12)

Top Israeli defense official: Nasrallah asked us for a ceasefire

A senior Israeli defense official says yesterday’s border skirmish ended quickly because Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah asked Israel not to escalate the fighting, after his men launched missiles at an Israeli border post and Israel responded with some 100 artillery shells fired at Lebanese targets.

Nasrallah sent a message through interlocutors, including Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri and officials from France, Egypt and the US, that “from Hezbollah’s perspective the event has ended,” the Israeli source says.

“We got the message from three countries that told us there’s no reason to respond,” the defense official relates. “They turned to us. To us it was clear that from Nasrallah’s perspective he was interested in concluding the fighting, because he wanted to end it with his dignity intact. That doesn’t bother me, Nasrallah’s calculations, as long as our efforts to tackle the threats we face are advanced. The bottom line is that Hezbollah sent us word asking us to stop.”

The source also says Israel has shifted its strategic priority from preventing Iranian entrenchment in Syria to dismantling Hezbollah’s precision missile program, a decision made some five months ago by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“We changed the prioritizing of the threats, because we understood that we can’t allow precision missiles in Lebanon,” the official says.

Netanyahu mocks Nasrallah, warns Israel will do ‘whatever is necessary’

In a new Hebrew-language video posted online, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu mocks Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah and vows to “do whatever is necessary” to defend Israel.

“We acted yesterday with determination and responsibility. We ensured the security of our citizens, as well as the safety of our soldiers,” Netanyahu says of the exchange of fire across the northern border initiated by Hezbollah’s missile attack against an IDF post near Avivim.

He mocks Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah for living permanently in a bomb-proof bunker. “The man in the bunker knows exactly why he’s in the bunker,” Netanyahu says in the video.

“We will continue to do whatever is necessary to defend Israel’s security, in the sea, on land and in the air, and we will continue to act against the threat of [Hezbollah’s] precision missiles.”

IDF says deserted border post was evacuated ahead of Hezbollah attack

After a reporter with the Russian network RT walked into the deserted IDF post at Avivim that was struck yesterday by Hezbollah missiles, the IDF confirms the post was evacuated a few days before the attack.

“This was a post on the border line that was classified last week as a threatened position,” the IDF spokesperson’s unit says in a statement to the press.

“It was therefore evacuated during the week, and the forces defended the area from the rear line. The contents of the post were removed and there is no concern of information leakage” from the reporter’s visit.

US envoy shows draft of US-Taliban deal to Afghan leaders

KABUL, Afghanistan — A US envoy shows the draft of a US-Taliban agreement to Afghan leaders today after declaring they are “at the threshold” of a deal to end America’s longest war, officials say.

However, reflecting the sensitivity of the US-Taliban negotiations and the Afghan government’s sidelined role in the talks so far, it is not clear whether the draft was actually given to President Ashraf Ghani and his team.

Envoy Zalmay Khalilzad met twice with Ghani after arriving Sunday evening from Qatar, where the ninth round of US-Taliban talks ended without a final agreement.

“We have reached an agreement with the Taliban in principle but of course until the US president agrees with it, it isn’t final,” Khalilzad tells the local TOLO news channel. He says that under the deal, 5,000 US troops would withdraw within 135 days from five bases in Afghanistan. Roughly 14,000 troops are currently in the country.

US President Donald Trump last week told Fox News the US plans to reduce its troop presence to 8,600 and then “make a determination from there.” He has been eager to withdraw troops before next year’s election and the draft deal easily meets that deadline.

— AP

Hezbollah to publicize video of yesterday’s rocket attack

Hezbollah says it will publicize video footage of its missile fire yesterday at the IDF post in Avivim.

Hezbollah’s Al-Manar TV shows Sunday missile strike targeting IDF vehicle

Hezbollah published on its Al-Manar channel footage it says shows its missile strike yesterday against an Israeli military vehicle and border post.

The footage shows a long-distance shot of the vehicle driving along the border road, and two rockets, or possibly a flare and a rocket, tracking the vehicle and detonating on or next to it.

The APC itself wasn’t hit by either projectile, according to findings from an IDF analysis published earlier today by Channel 12. A piece of shrapnel from the explosion of one of the projectiles hit a tire, forcing the vehicle to stop on the side of the road.

Netanyahu plans 24-hour flash visit to India 10 days before election

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will fly to India for a flash 24-hour visit on Sunday evening, according to Hebrew media reports. He will return to Israel on Monday evening, just nine days before the September 17 election.

Netanyahu has long favored overseas trips during election campaigns, which are used by his campaigns to portray him as a statesman on the world stage.

Saudi-led airstrikes on Yemen rebel-run prison kill over 100

SANAA, Yemen — Yemeni medics say they pulled dozens of bodies from the rubble of a Houthi rebel-run detention center that was hit a day earlier by Saudi-led coalition airstrikes, killing over 100 people and wounding dozens.

It is the deadliest such attack so far this year in a stalemated four-year war that has claimed tens of thousands of lives, thrust millions to the brink of famine and spawned the world’s worst humanitarian crisis.

The Saudi-led coalition, which has fought the Iran-backed Houthis since 2015, has faced international criticism for airstrikes that have hit schools, hospitals and wedding parties, killing thousands of civilians.

By the early afternoon, 86 bodies had been pulled from the ruins of a building complex in southwestern Dhamar province, originally a college but converted by the Houthi rebels to a detention center, Yemen’s Red Crescent says.

There were around 170 detainees at the facility when the airstrikes hit on Sunday. The International Committee for the Red Cross says 40 wounded are being treated for injuries while the rest are presumed dead, and that it will likely take days to recover all the bodies. The Houthis say the detainees were captured forces loyal to Yemen’s internationally recognized government, and that both the Red Cross and the coalition knew detainees were being held there.

— AP

Trump okays emergency declaration for Georgia, South Carolina

McLEAN’S TOWN CAY, Bahamas — US President Donald Trump approves emergency declarations for Georgia and South Carolina due to Hurricane Dorian, the White House announces.

The declarations authorize the Federal Emergency Management Agency to coordinate disaster relief efforts.

Trump was briefed on the hurricane during a visit to FEMA headquarters in Washington on Sunday.

The president urged everyone in Dorian’s path to obey warnings and evacuation orders issued by local authorities, saying public safety “must always come first.”

Trump approved an emergency declaration for Florida on Friday.

— AP

Iranian judoka forced to avoid Israelis congratulates Israeli champion Muki

Iranian judoka Saeid Mollaei, who has fled his home country after criticizing Tehran for pressuring him to throw matches to avoid competing against Israelis, takes to Instagram to congratulate Israel’s world champion, Sagi Muki.

“Congratulation champion,” Mollaei replies to a post by Muki, who won gold in last week’s judo world championship in Tokyo.

“Thank you,” Muki responds. “You are an inspiration as a human being and as an athlete.”

Iranian, French experts huddle in Paris in bid to save nuclear deal

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — French and Iranian experts are huddling in Paris as the clock ticks on an end-of-the-week deadline for Europe to come up with a way for Iran to sell its oil despite US sanctions — or face a new scaling back of the 2015 nuclear accord.

A visit on Monday by Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araghchi and a team of economists was wrapped in discretion.

The French Foreign Ministry says only that a teams of experts, including from the economy ministry, are meeting “to reach a de-escalation of tensions.”

The meeting coincides with a Moscow visit by Iran’s foreign minister, who made an exceptional appearance in Biarritz last week on the sidelines of the G-7 summit.

French President Emmanuel Macron has worked to save the nuclear accord, unraveling since US President Donald Trump withdrew and leveled sanctions on Iran.

— AP

Russia, Iran blame US for regional tensions

MOSCOW, Russia — Moscow and Tehran blame US policies for tensions in the Middle East while Russia says it welcomes French efforts to save the Iran nuclear deal.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif condemns Washington’s latest actions in Syria as he visits Moscow for talks with Russia’s top diplomat Sergei Lavrov.

US forces over the weekend attacked jihadist leaders in northwestern Syria, in what a battlefield monitor called a missile strike that left at least 40 dead.

“Together with Russia and Turkey, Iran has ensured relative security and calm in Syria,” Zarif tells journalists after talks with Lavrov. “But the United States is creating a new unstable situation east of the Euphrates in Syria including through actions they’ve undertaken in Idlib.”

Moscow has said that the Americans hit the region “without advance notice to Russia or Turkey,” threatening a fragile ceasefire in the province of Idlib. Lavrov also accuses Washington of seeking to “provoke” Tehran after the United States withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal last year.

“Our American partners are openly seeking to provoke Iran with the support of some of their regional allies,” he said.

Lavrov commends France for trying to break the impasse and convince the United States to offer Iran some sort of relief from sanctions it has imposed on the Islamic Republic. “We are hoping that this useful initiative of the French president will bear fruit,” he tells reporters. “We wish them luck.”


Maimonides’ ‘Mishneh Torah’ translated into Russian

The Mishneh Torah, a 14-volume monumental work on Jewish law by the 12th-century philosopher Rabbi Moses ben Maimonides, has been translated and published in Russian for the first time.

The Moscow-based Knizhniki Publishing House, which specializes in Jewish subjects, this summer completed the project that has taken eight years and has cost about $1.5 million, when it brought to print and sent out about 3,000 copies of the final volume, “Judges,” according to Rabbi Boruch Gorin, a publisher, journalist and leader of Chabad Russia, who oversaw the translation project.

The Chabad-affiliated Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia and donors funded the translation, he said.

At least 3,000 copies were printed of each volume. Prices per volume range from $10 and $18, he said.

Maimonides wrote Mishneh Torah between 1170 and 1180. Regarded as the author’s magnum opus, it offers interpretations on Jewish texts, including the Torah, that were considered revolutionary when the book was first published.

The book is sold by large online stores like Ozon and Labirint, and in chains such as Bookvoed and Chitai-gorod.

The first printing of 3,000 copies of the first volume, “Knowledge,” has sold out. Of the second printing, 2,000 copies have been sold.

In 2016, Knizhniki began publishing a translation into Russian of the Talmud, a central text of Orthodox Jewish tradition.

“We have no doubt that the publication will be in demand among the general public. It’s an intellectual gift not only to Jews,” Rabbi Alexander Boroda, president of the Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia, said in a statement about the Mishneh Torah.


Israel was ready to destroy Hezbollah missile program if soldier hit – report

An Israel Defense Forces source tells Channel 12 that Israel was prepared for a massive retaliation against Hezbollah’s precision missile system in Lebanon, which was only averted by the fact that no Israeli soldiers were hurt in yesterday’s attack.

“The fact that [Hezbollah leader Hassan] Nasrallah missed and didn’t kill any Israeli saved Hezbollah from the destruction of its precision missile program,” the source says. “The planes were already in the air.”

According to Channel 12, IAF jets reportedly flew over the Mediterranean in preparation for the counter-strike.

Amid growing speculation, UK PM Boris Johnson says he doesn’t want an election

LONDON — British Prime Minister Boris Johnson says he does not want an election and has urged legislators not to undercut Britain’s negotiating position with the European Union.

Johnson says in a brief televised address that there are “no circumstances” under which he would accept a delay to Brexit, which is scheduled for October 31. He says a parliamentary move to limit his options and seek another Brexit delay would “chop the legs” out of Britain’s negotiating position.

The prime minister insists the prospects for a new deal with EU leaders are rising because EU officials know Britain has a clear vision of what it wants.

He speaks on the eve of a potential revolt in Parliament over his willingness to leave the EU even without a deal in place. Rebels seek a three-month delay.

— AP

Nasrallah insists Sunday attack was successful, forced Israelis to flee border

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah takes credit for what he calls a successful operation in Sunday’s missile attack on IDF positions, despite the failure to cause Israeli casualties.

“Despite all the preparations and fake targets the enemy scattered along the border, we waited for our target and when it came, we hit it, without any doubt,” he says of the missile fire that struck an IDF vehicle and an army post at Avivim.

In a speech to mark a Shiite religious festival, he says Hezbollah will no longer think twice about attacking Israeli UAVs in Lebanon. “There are no more red lines,” he says.

He urges his followers not to view the Sunday attack as underwhelming, saying its importance was in the psychological effect it imposed on the Israelis.

“The entire border was evacuated, you couldn’t see a single soldier on the border, nor any of the tractors we saw for a time. Second, they evacuated all their forward command posts. They emptied entire bases, like Avivim, a complete evacuation. A reporter from one channel walked around there and showed how everything was empty, there was no one. Entire outposts were emptied, some of them deep inside [Israeli territory].”

He mocks Israel’s response: “Israel, which responds to every grenade or action, did everything it could to contain the incident, and most of the fire it directed [toward Lebanon in response to the Hezbollah attack] was at defensive targets, not offensive ones.”

He calls Sunday’s operation “a reflection of boldness, bravery, precision and responsibility.”

Nasrallah vows to down Israeli UAVs flying over Lebanon

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah vows to go after Israeli UAVs in Lebanese airspace in future, saying, “Enough. The Lebanese have the right to defend themselves, and we will defend. There is now a new operational space [for Hezbollah], and it’s Lebanon’s skies. When it comes to dealing with the UAVs, it will happen. I won’t specify when and how, but it will come.”

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