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Playing God again, Morgan Freeman plugs Israeli air conditioner

In an ad for Tadiran, the actor says air conditioner allows him to be almost like God in his own home, ‘where I can control the weather’

Actor Morgan Freeman in an ad for the Israeli air conditioner company Tadiran broadcast in January 2019 (Screencapture/YouTube)
Actor Morgan Freeman in an ad for the Israeli air conditioner company Tadiran broadcast in January 2019 (Screencapture/YouTube)

American film star and television host Morgan Freeman has reprised his role as (almost) God, this time in a advertisement for an Israeli air conditioning company.

Freeman, who played God in “Bruce Almighty” and its sequel, and later hosted National Geographic’s “The Story of God,” tells viewers that because of his deep voice and the way he looks and dresses, he is frequently mistaken for God.

“But believe me folks, I am not God,” he says. “Far from it.”

“Except in my own home, where I can control the weather,” he says, picking up a remote control for the Tadiran air conditioner. “Almost like God himself.”

Freeman has visited Israel several times, but kept a low profile on a visit last year after causing some controversy during a 2016 trip.

Freeman was spotted at the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City and later in Bethlehem in the West Bank last November as part of his work on “The Story of God,” a series that charts the supreme deity’s role in world culture.

There was no publicity or comment that time from Freeman.

During Freeman’s 2016 visit, he removed the word “Israel” from a photo taken in Jerusalem, after a Facebook post received torrents of criticism from anti-Israel activists.

As has become commonplace in such cases, the post quickly turned into a battleground between supporters and detractors of the Jewish state. Pro-Israelis congratulated the actor on his visit to the country, while pro-Palestinian activists criticized the photo, or urged him to recognize the city as Palestinian.

Freeman may have twice depicted God onscreen but he still has questions about religion.

Morgan Freeman meeting with the rabbi of the Western Wall, Shmuel Rabinowitz, during a visit to the site on October 25, 2015. (Courtesy of the Western Wall Heritage Foundation)

While filming at the 4th century Church of the Holy Sepulchre in the Old City of Jerusalem in 2015, Freeman told Reuters that he was “primarily interested in why, what is the why of it,” but admitted that he hadn’t found any answers yet.

Freeman tried to keep out of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying at the time that he “didn’t have a message for anybody” but was simply here “doing a documentary.”

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