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Is The Robin McGraw OMG! Is This Really Me? Instant Face Shaper Gel That Good?

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Being in my mid-40s, I know only too well that the wrinkles appearing along my expression lines are not welcome at all.

I guess this is because they remind me that I have most likely lived more days than I have left in this beautiful world. That aside, I am a believer in cosmetic products. I prefer luxury ones because they work better for my sensitive skin.  

This is why I set out to find out whether I could find a product that can help to instantly lift my face, tighten the saggy skin, and give me back the clear skin that I enjoyed in my twenties.

And boy! Did I find tens and tens of instant face shaping products! They come in their numbers, but one particular brand name caught my attention, because of its unique name.

I was so intrigued by the name: OMG! Is This Really Me? and the beautiful packaging. I almost bought it in the first instant.

I say almost because I did not. I have been around for some time to be thrown off-guard by beautiful names on products that promise heaven but deliver hell. I was just able to hold back a bit, and I decided to do more research on the OMG! Is This Really Me? instant face shaping cream.

I am so glad I did. Because of the footwork that I put in, I can now enjoy skin firming results in confidence and peace of mind.

Having used this cream for about three months now, I believe I can share my experience about it with you.

Keep reading to see everything I have learned about the Robin McGraw Revelation skincare brand.

What the creator of OMG! Is This Really Me? says about it

The creator of the Robin McGraw Revelation luxury brand name is Robin McGraw. She is Dr. Phil’s wife.

She is a women empowerment advocate and does not shy from encouraging women to be their best self all the time. In fact, this luxury skincare line was borne out of her passion for women. She believes that women can be better lovers and care givers if they can put themselves first.

Robin says her biggest inspiration is her mother, who died when she was 32 years old. She saw her mom put her, her father, and siblings’ needs before hers. She didn’t have enough time to care for herself.

The OMG! Is This Really Me? instant face shaper is one in the long line of skincare creams, lotions, toners, serums, creams, and beauty devices. And almost all of them come with inspiring names.

Experience a skin revival like never before with the ‘OMG You Look Amazing‘ skincare ensemble – your secret to unparalleled radiance!

Shapewear for the face

When I was doing my research, I came across this interview that Robin did with the Daily Mail, and she called her products “The shapewear for the face.”

I could not agree more, for on top of the OMG! Is This Really Me? I have used four other products from this luxury skincare brand name. These are Hydra Qwench, Foaming Joy, 50 Fierce, and Face It, You Look Amazing!

There are 14 direct-to-skin products, a couple of beauty devices, and you can even get a Robin McGraw Bow Ring. In the near future, I plan to get all the 14 products and kick some life into my skin.

Dr. Phil was the guinea pig for the OMG! Is This Really Me? lifting gel

One thing that highly encouraged me to start using the Robin McGraw products is when she said that her husband was her guinea pig, and she tested all of them on him. In many of his show’s episodes (which ended in May 2023 after a 21-year run), Dr. Phil confirmed the same thing.

When Dr. Phil was introducing the products to his audience in 2016, the reception was awesome. At the time, Robin said that OMG! Is This Really Me? was her most favorite among the 14. It is my favorite too!

As she described it back then, she said that this gel shapes your jawline, removes crow’s feet, fine lines and wrinkles in as little as 5 minutes.

I must confess that I realized the same thing. However, I felt a bit too dry, or should I say tight, on the face when I applied it. However, this disappeared as soon as I applied the 50 Fierce sunscreen and moisturizer, still from the same brand.

What is the OMG! Is This Really Me? face shaper gel?

The OMG! Is This Really Me? is marketed as an instant face shaper. Robin McGraw says that when you apply this gel on the problem areas, it will take utmost five minutes to whip your face into shape. You can apply it on:

  • Your jawline
  • The cheeks
  • The lines on the forehead
  • Eye corners for crow’s feet
  • The expression lines on your face
  • Neck and décolletage area

The gel is absorbed fast into the skin. While it can give you instant skin lifting results, to enjoy long-term benefits, you should use it consistently. To understand how it helps, you should know something about how the skin starts to lose shape, sag, and wrinkle.

The skin has fibroblasts, which are special cells that enhance tissue connectivity. When you are young, the turnover rate for fibroblasts is high, so the skin produces a lot of collagen. This explains why the skin of a healthy baby is soft, plump, tight, and generally very well refined.

When the fibroblasts are not producing enough collagen, the skin starts to lose its structure. Remember, there are two very important proteins that enhance the health of the skin. These are collagen and elastin. Collagen maintains the structure of the skin, while elastin enhances the elasticity of the same.

When the body is not able to produce these two proteins in the required quantities, the skin starts to sag. Unfortunately, even when you live a very healthy lifestyle, with age, your fibroblast cells need a boost, to make them more sensitive to collagen.

The breakdown of collagen causes the skin to start thinning, and sagging. The expression lines, such as the smile lines, are usually the start of wrinkling on your face. At the corners of the eyes, crow’s feet start to develop.

And now, the Robin McGraw Revelation skincare brand brings you the OMG! Is This Really Me? a skin tightening gel that will have you wondering whether that really is your face in the mirror. It is that good!

This is a gel, and it comes in a 30ML/1.0 Fl. Oz tube.

What are its main active ingredients?

As a consumer, I believe any skincare product that I am applying on my skin is as good as the ingredients used to make it.

That is why the ingredient label is the first thing I looked at when I was researching about the Robin McGraw OMG! Is This Really Me? gel.

It has been formulated with tens of ingredients, but among the key active ones, there is:

Acai fruit extract – Acai is one of the world’s most respected super ingredients for the skin. It contains antioxidants, which help to prevent cell damage. They do this by neutralizing the free radicals, which are notorious for causing skin damage and aging symptoms. Acai also contains Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids, and they enhance the ability of the body to produce collagen.

White oak bark – This ingredient has astringent characteristics, hence its popular use in skin tightening and firming products. It contains a good amount of potassium, iron, and vitamin B12, which enhance the health of the skin by lowering puffiness. That is how the OMG! Is This Really Me? gel helps to reduce the puffiness around the eyes.

Perilla seed oil – This is a high quality and natural moisturizer, that you will find in many skincare products. It contains oleic acid, linoleic acid, and omega-3 fatty acids, which are so good at hydrating and plumping up the skin. If your skin stays well hydrated, it is going to appear plump, soft and smooth.

How the OMG! Is This Really Me? works

When I watched Robin McGraw on her husband’s show say that the OMG! Works in about 5 minutes, lifting your skin, clearing the fine lines and wrinkles and correcting sagging.

I couldn’t believe it, and so even when I was ordering this product, it was more out of skepticism, and less out of need.

When I tried it, it worked, well, not in 5 minutes, but in about 10. I followed the instructions keenly, which said to apply a thin film of the gel on the problem areas.

What I noticed during the first few hours of applying this gel is that it made my face a bit rigid. So, there was less blinking of my eyes, and less movement along the expression lines.

That is how I realized how this product works. It makes the skin tighter and firmer. Also, because it contains good ingredients which are moisturizers, the moisture gets absorbed by the cells. They inflate in the process, increasing in size. This is what eventually firms up the skin, and makes it look plumper.

This is a daily use face shaper gel, so by continuous use, it will activate the skin’s production of collagen, and the sensitivity of the fibroblast cells to collagen. That is how you can achieve permanent face firming results over a few months of use.

How to Use the OMG! Is This Really Me? face shaper

You must cleanse your skin before applying any treatment, and before applying makeup. This is why you need a cleanser.

I suggest you buy the Robin McGraw Revelation Foaming Joy cleanser, which is a purifying facial cleanser. It gets rid of toxins that cling to the skin, and the dirt that your skin collects from the surroundings. It can also remove all traces of makeup, help refine the pores, and much more.

To use the instant face shaper, cleanse the skin in the morning. This means cleansing the whole face, since you will use other treatments, anyway.

After the cleanser is all gone from your skin, apply one or two pumps of the OMG! Is This Really Me? gel on your hands. Apply a very thin layer on the areas that are sagging, or have wrinkles. You can also apply it on the under eye baggage area since it also helps with that.

Do not use it in excess. After testing it, I was too excited to see it make my skin firmer. I got carried away, and I applied more of it than necessary, and the result was a white film on my skin! My face also started feeling extra tight.

Don’t make the same mistake.

Even if you will use other treatments on the skin, the face shaper should go first. You can apply it, apply your foundation and makeup, and then wind up with 50 Fierce (Sunscreen and moisturizer).

How much did I pay and is the price worth it?

Well, like the next person, I usually hold back a bit when I read the word “luxury” in the description of the skincare product I want to buy.

And everything I saw when looking for information about the OMG! Is This Really Me? oozed luxury from every pore.

Sure enough, even the price tag itself suggested luxury, because a tube of 1.0 Fl. Oz/30ML costs $44, minus any shipping charges that might apply.

After comparing it with other luxury face sculpting products, I realized it was not costly at all. Most of the others cost over $60, with some even costing more than $90. In my opinion, this is worth every buck that you will pay for it, and is by far the most affordable option.

To save money, I prefer to buy my products in kits. For instance, I realized that ordering the Robin McGraw Day Time Lift Skincare Kit is cheaper.

It contains the Foaming Joy (purifying facial cleanser), OMG! Is This Really Me? (instant face shaper), 50 Fierce (sunscreen and moisturizer), and Hydra Qwench (nighttime moisturizing cream).

Going by the prices listed on the official website, ordering these products individually would cost me $190. However, ordering the Day Time Lift Skincare Kit costs me $150. This makes it the better option, as I will need all the products it comes with, anyway.

Wrapping it up

The Robin McGraw OMG! Is This Really Me? instant face shaper is not for women only. Even men who want to stay wrinkle-free can use it.

Finally, I must say I found the customer support team very good, with almost instant replies to my emails. When I did not know what to get for my skin, they assisted me every step of the way.

By the way, my OMG! Is This Really Me? has lasted me three months now. I apply it to the problem areas only, very thinly, and I definitely think it is good value for money.

This brand name has become my go-to line for skincare products. I hope it serves you the same way it has served me.


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