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When Lior Met Lior

IZZY – Stream Israel takes you back to the early 2000s with Lior Raz and Lior Ashkenazi! ‘When Shall We Kiss?’ is now streaming on IZZY!

Lior Raz (Screenshot from Shall We Kiss)
Lior Raz (Screenshot from Shall We Kiss)

Ah yes, television during the 2000s. There are so many cutting-edge series bursting out from our ever-expanding menu of streaming apps. But sometimes, a soothing and familiar TV intro can cut right through them all.

An example that instantly comes to mind is Tony Soprano rolling through New Jersey with that burly voice singing in the background, “woke up this morning.” Or the perky percussion and clarinet from “Parks and Recreation?” That delightful comic tune instantly conjures up a smiling Leslie Knope tending to silly governmental affairs. And of course, who could ever forget the swooping sounds of “Mad Men” as a silhouette version of Don Draper falls between those NYC skyscrapers.

What’s my point with all this? These are the shows that sound like home for many of us. And those are just the American ones. People from other corners of their globe have their own familiar jingles that instantly transport them to yesteryear—namely people in Israel.

Even though the world has only woken up to Israeli TV in recent years with shows like Fauda appearing on Manhattan billboards, Israelis have enjoyed their own contained yet famous TV shows that have tingled ears and shaped worlds. One of those shows? When Will We Kiss? (Mati Nitnashek)

The 2007 sweet romantic comedy was created by Dalit Kahn, who also stars as the frumpy bucktooth Rona. The show reveals the lives and relationship foibles of Shira, Yuval, Rona, Miki, and Suzi and how they navigate the complexities of it all.

Of course, this can only be achieved by the stellar cast, who (except for one) was all pretty well known back then. Viewers will be happy to find the appearance of the current mega-star, Lior Raz, star, and creator of Fauda and Hit and Run.

With a slightly fuller head of hair, Lior carries just as much presence as he did in 2007, navigating the issues of a troubled marriage in this sweet rom-com series as he does bursting into terrorist-filled mosques in the nail-biting Fauda. Showing off his acting chops early on, Raz made his dreams come true in the world of acting and movies as it was not on the cards a few years prior.

The TV star was actually working in an ad advertising agency as a creative director before taking to the silver screen. Raz even describes the story of how he took the giant leap into acting on Late Night with Seth Meyers, an appearance that in and of itself is a testament to how far he has come since then. Speaking of Lior. Another man sharing the same name stars in When Shall We Kiss?

When Shall We Kiss

For years, Lior Ashkenazi has been a mainstay in Israeli TV and film. Starring in films such as Footnote, Late Marriage, Foxtrot, and much, much more, Ashkenazi has been at the helm of some of Israel’s most iconic cinema and is one of the nation’s most celebrated leading men (and recently, a budding film director.)

His breakout role was in Late Marriage alongside the late Ronit Elkabetz. The award-winning film told the story of a bachelor who is pressured by his traditional Georgian family to get married. Instead, he gets caught up in a steamy romance with a divorcee (Elkabetz.)

It’s almost symbolic that these two Liors would star on such a show together. And although each one has forged a vastly different career from the next, the two actors found themselves in the famous show, contributing to what makes Israeli television so great in their unique way.

To watch When Shall We Kiss, click here.

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