Israeli technology to keep disconnected, when necessary

There are times when being hyper-connected isn’t a good idea; Israeli startup WiseSec has an automatic solution to keep things on the QT

Israel's High Court, one place where smartphones and tablets are generally unwelcome (photo credit: Alex Kolomoisky/Flash90)
Israel's High Court, one place where smartphones and tablets are generally unwelcome (photo credit: Alex Kolomoisky/Flash90)

In today’s hyper-connected world, it’s all too easy for secrets to seep out. Meetings, sensitive research in labs, courtroom trials, and so many other formerly private or closed events and venues are now open to the world, with proprietary information or tenuous negotiations threatened by the tweeting or facebooking of sensitive data that could ruin hard-won progress, or further complicate already tangled legal proceedings.

Short of confiscating smartphones and tablets at the entrance to a venue — a policy many companies and organizations actually employ, at least sometimes — there has been no surefire way to prevent leaks or illicit communications in violation of the rules. Now, that’s about to change, thanks to Israeli startup WiseSec, which has developed a unique “indoor GPS” system to locate individuals inside buildings.

With WiseSec’s CelluSec platform, venue administrators can keep track of a device that someone brings in, and automatically enact a security policy that will restrict its activity while it is on the premises. Ness Technologies will deploy CelluSec technology, together with its own MDM (Mobile Device Management system) to dynamically and automatically swap between profiles with the same user, depending on the physical location.

So, for example, tech workers whose company is developing new software or hardware could have their device’s Internet capability and camera turned off when they are in specific areas of a building, like a lab, where security is higher than it would be in the cafeteria. Companies could show off new technologies or products to visitors they want to impress (like investors) without worrying that photos will get leaked. And judges can conduct trials without having to worry that proceedings may be posted to Twitter — thus avoiding legal complications or mistrials.

WiseSec’s proprietary solution is based on the Bluetooth beacons protocol, which allows for communication inside a building where GPS satellite signals cannot reach. The technology allows contacting individuals who sign onto a network without the use of wifi, requiring a lot less outlay for the equipment that a Bluetooth or wide-ranging NFC solution would require.

“We are pleased and proud that Ness Technologies has chosen our technology to enrich the solutions in the wireless field for its end customers,” said Vadim Maor, CEO and founder of WiseSec. “Wireless technology in general and location-based technology in particular is expected to have a dramatic impact on the lives of each and every one of us in the coming years, and the partnership with Ness Technologies strengthens WiseSec’s position, opening for us a wide range of new business opportunities.”

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