Public approval for Netanyahu’s coronavirus response plunges further — poll

Public approval for the government’s and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak is plummeting further, according to a survey broadcast by Channel 13.

The poll finds 75 percent do not think the government is successfully dealing with the crisis. Only 16% are satisfied.

Regarding Netanyahu, 61% are not satisfied with his role in fighting the outbreak, while 19% are somewhat satisfied and 15% are satisfied. In April, only 30% were dissatisfied and 70% approved of the premier’s decision-making.

The survey, conducted by Prof. Camil Fuchs, also includes a Knesset election poll that similarly sees Netanyahu’s right-wing bloc losing power.

The premier’s Likud party only gets 33 seats in the 120-member parliament, after polling close to 40 in previous surveys. The opposition Yesh Atid party leaps to 19 seats, with the predominantly Arab Joint List at 16, Yamina at 13, Israel Beytenu and United Torah Judaism with 8 each, Shas with 7, and Meretz with 7.

Netanyahu’s right-wing bloc gets 61 seats — the bare minimum to form a coalition — after getting some 65 in most recent polls.