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Online sex shop puts O in Orthodox

Rabbi and educator Natan Alexander hopes to create buzz about intimacy and sexuality, while keeping things kosher

Renee Ghert-Zand is a reporter and feature writer for The Times of Israel.

Better2gether is an online sex toy website launched by a Gush Etzion rabbi. (photo credit: fotolia)
Better2gether is an online sex toy website launched by a Gush Etzion rabbi. (photo credit: fotolia)

The prayers of Orthodox Jews in search of vibrators, intimate lube and silk handcuffs have been answered. An Israeli rabbi is now selling sex toys over the Internet—and he says it’s totally kosher.

Natan Alexander, an Australian-born rabbi living in Etzion settlement bloc south of Jerusalem, launched Better2gether four months ago in a bid to strengthen and enhance couples’ love lives. With no nude photos or vulgar language on the site, he says it is appropriate for not only modesty-conscious Orthodox Jews, but also for other conservative people turned off by typical websites selling sexual aids.

“I’ve been told that people really need something like this,” Alexander, a Jewish educator, told The Times of Israel.

Alexander, a 34-year-old married father of four, says there are two types of people he is trying to serve with his new business.

“The first are couples with specific issues in their sex life, such as the husband’s premature ejaculation or the wife’s never having had an orgasm,” he said.

“The second are couples that want to spice things up after having been together for a long time. Love can get boring.”

Indeed, with 200 different items for sale on the website, there is no lack of options for spicing things up. Alexander had considered stocking even more products, but decided against them because their packaging was inappropriate for his audience.

Not sure what Gumie Vibes are? Not familiar with the Buzz Butterfly or a Phallic Bullet? No worries. Better2gether provides explanations and FAQ’s right there on the site. And if you have a personal question you’d like answered by an expert, you can send that in anonymously using a web form.

Alexander has enlisted half a dozen sex therapists from various streams within Orthodox Judaism to confidentially answer users’ questions, and to assist with the website’s content.

The rabbi sees Better2gether first and foremost as a resource for couples, and specifically one they can look at and benefit from together.

“So much of the world sees sexuality and sex toys as an individual thing. For instance, a wife might use a dildo while a husband is at work. We are about the opposite. It’s better to be with one another while using these aids,” he said.

So far, most of Better2gether’s business has come from residents of Jerusalem and its suburbs, but Alexander said that there has also been interest from outside Israel. So far he’s been doing most of his marketing via social media and through therapists who refer clients to the website. Alexander has not been able to rely on online searches because Better2gether does not use the more coarse and pornographic language that people often enter into search engines when looking to purchase sex toys.

If the concept of a website selling sex toys in a modest way sounds familiar, that’s because a company called was launched in New York back in 2011. But if you click on the link to that website today, you’ll see a bunch of scantily clad women in suggestive poses, signaling that a treyf entity has taken over the domain.

So, as of right now, if you are an Orthodox Jew in search of a Loony Lion pleasure ring or a vibrator shaped like the Statue of Liberty, Rabbi Alexander is your go-to guy.

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