UK neo-Nazi teen boasted he wanted to kill Jewish MP

UK neo-Nazi teen boasted he wanted to kill Jewish MP

Jack Coulson, 19, who made pipe bomb and downloaded extreme right-wing, racist and anti-Semitic imagery, jailed for 4 years and 8 months

UK neo-Nazi Jack Coulson. (Instagram)
UK neo-Nazi Jack Coulson. (Instagram)

A UK teenager was sent to prison this week on a terrorism conviction after earlier boasting of wanting to kill a Jewish lawmaker.

Jack Coulson, 19, from Mexborough, Yorkshire, was sentenced on Monday to four years and eight months after pleading guilty in Leeds Crown Court to possessing a document or record for terrorist purposes. Court records showed that last year he was found guilty of constructing a pipe bomb in his bedroom, which was filled with Nazi and extreme right-wing memorabilia.

His arrest came after he boasted that he wanted to shoot Jewish MP Luciana Berger in the head.

According to the Mirror newspaper police questioned Coulson over the threats to the MP for Liverpool Wavertree but did not press charges on that occasion.

UK neo-Nazi Jack Coulson. (North East Counter Terrorism Policing)

The Mirror said Coulson admitted to being in possession of “The Big Book Of Mischief,” which, the court heard, “demonstrates the techniques and methods used in a number of countries to make hazardous devices.”

Coulson reportedly also claimed that Adolf Hitler was his “leader,” identified as a National Socialist and had been a member of the banned neo-Nazi group National Action.

In his sentencing, Judge Geoffrey Marson said, “Time and time again you were given a chance in relation to the previous offense… but you continued to breach the order that was given to you.”

The head of Investigations at Counter Terrorism Policing North East said that although there was no evidence Coulson was planning on committing a terror attack, his ideology was dangerous.

“Jack Coulson was in possession of disturbing and potentially dangerous material, which indicated an extreme right-wing mindset and an interest in homemade explosives,” said Detective Superintendent Simon Atkinson. “He hadn’t come across this material by chance, but had actively searched for it and downloaded it. While no evidence was found to suggest Coulson was planning to act on this information, the combination of this material and his ideology is very concerning.”

Far right and neo-Nazi symbols found in UK neo-Nazi Jack Coulson’s bedroom (North East Counter Terrorism Policing)

Atkinson said the case showed how easily the internet could be used by terror groups.

“This case also highlights the dangers of material that is readily available on the internet, material that could be misused, or used for a terrorist purpose,” he said. “Searching for and storing information of this nature has the potential to put the safety of others at risk and will not go unprosecuted. In the wrong hands it could have serious consequences.”

Luciana Berger,a Jewish MP who is a leader of the Jewish Labour Movement (YouTube screenshot)

Berger has previously been the target of death threats and anti-Semitic threats and harassment.

In 2016 she told the Liverpool Echo her family was pained and worried over threats and anti-Semitic slurs made at her.

“More often than not you experience it alone, and that can be hard. And then when your family find out about it, it’s difficult for them as well because they are concerned about your safety and well-being, and they shoulder that pain and upset as well,” she said.

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