Centrist parties oppose cabinet initiative to give Haredi schools NIS 300 million during war

Centrist parties criticize a government initiative to approve later today some NIS 300 million ($76 million) for Haredi educational institutions, arguing that aid to the hundreds of thousands of internally displaced people and others affected by the war with Hamas must take precedence.

“Transferring money for any purpose other than strengthening the residents of the south and north, bereaved families and relatives of the hostages, along with various war efforts, is wrong both economically and morally at this time,” says Benny Gantz’s National Unity party, which joined the government to form a wartime cabinet.

The party says it has told the ruling Likud party that it will oppose providing funds for other matters as long as not all wartime causes have been budgeted.

The opposition Yesh Atid party backs National Unity’s stance.

The planned transfer of the money to Haredi schools was frozen after the war broke out, which means the government must reapprove its unfreezing.

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