Those We Have Lost

Fatma Alttalaqat, 35: Bedouin mother of 9 murdered by Hamas

Killed near Ofakim, October 7

Illustrative: A memorial candle (AP)
Illustrative: A memorial candle (AP)

Fatma Alttalaqat, 35, a mother of nine children, was murdered by Hamas terrorists near Ofakim on October 7, 2023.

Alttalaqat, who lived in the southern Bedouin town of Ar’ara, was on her way to Ofakim for work with her husband and baby daughter. When the attack started, they split up and tried to hide.

Her brother said that Hamas terrorists shot 40 bullets into Alttalaqat, and that when her husband found her body, he was in shock.

Israel police officers thought he was also a terrorist and initially attempted to detain him until the officers quickly realized the truth. Both the father and the baby were unharmed.

Fatma’s cousin, Riyadh, told Ynet that she was “an amazing woman and an amazing mother. Everyone here is in shock, and we can’t stop crying. At first, when we couldn’t find her body, we hoped she might just be injured. Unfortunately, she was killed, and her children were left without a mother. She sacrificed her life for them.”

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