Family of IDF officer who died in prison alleges it was ‘murder’

A relative of an IDF officer who died in military prison after being accused of grave security offenses has reportedly sent a strongly-worded letter to President Reuven Rivlin saying that even if the officer technically committed suicide, in essence, the incident was “murder” and reminiscent of “the darkest regimes.”

According to Channel 12 news, the relative wrote days after the officer’s death: “Even if the boy harmed himself despite the security and cameras in the prison, the president must know that things are happening in our country that resemble the darkest regimes.

“The trial was delayed, his liberty was taken away and the soldier fell from the highest high to the lowest low. We sent a healthy and brilliant boy, and what did we get back? This is a contemptible murder.”

The report says the family does not know whether the president received the letter, which was sent via regular mail.

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