IDF confirms it launched new raid in Gaza City’s Zeitoun to clear it of Hamas infrastructure

Emanuel (Mannie) Fabian is The Times of Israel's military correspondent

The Israeli military confirms it launched a new pinpoint raid in Gaza City’s Zeitoun neighborhood overnight, which it says is aimed at “the continued dismantling of terror infrastructure and eliminating terrorists in the area.”

Ahead of the raid carried out by the 99th Division, the Israeli Air Force struck some 25 sites in the area, including buildings used by terror groups, attack tunnels, observation posts, sniper positions and other infrastructure, the IDF says.

The military says troops of the Nahal Brigade, Yiftah Brigade and Carmeli Brigade then entered the neighborhood and are working to clear it of Hamas infrastructure.

The IDF first operated in Zeitoun at the start of Israel’s ground offensive in Gaza last year. It launched another two-week-long raid in the Gaza City neighborhood in late February.

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