Hitler was a meth addict, records show
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Hitler was a meth addict, records show

According to US dossier, Nazi leader was given cocaine drops, testosterone injections, and dozens of other drugs

Lazar Berman is a former breaking news editor at The Times of Israel.

Reproduction of Adolf Hitler from the archive of Israeli Nazi hunter Tuviah Friedman (photo credit: Roni Schutzer/Flash90)
Reproduction of Adolf Hitler from the archive of Israeli Nazi hunter Tuviah Friedman (photo credit: Roni Schutzer/Flash90)

German dictator Adolf Hitler was a drug addict, and used crystal meth regularly, according to the 47-page World War II US Military Intelligence dossier.

The papers show that the Nazi leader was a hypochondriac, and took over 74 medications.

The revelation is the subject of a new British Channel 4 documentary called “Hitler’s Hidden Drug Habit,” set to air on Sunday, October 19.

The dossier alleges that the fuehrer took methamphetamines before his July 1943 meeting with Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, during which Hitler, sick and under stress, berated his Italian ally for hours.

Hitler became addicted to drugs after meeting Berlin doctor Theodor Morell.

Morell was a successful but unconventional doctor, whose practice suffered in 1933 when it was revealed that he treated many Jews, and he was thought to have a Jewish appearance, according to a Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh paper. His fortunes changed after he joined the Nazi Party in 1933, and eventually treated a friend of Hitler, the photographer Heinrich Hoffman. Morell and his wife were invited to a 1936 Christmas party at Hitler’s mountain retreat, where he promised to cure the fuehrer’s eczema within a year. Hitler asked Morell to be his personal physician.

Adolf Hitler (photo credit: German Federal Archive/Wikimedia Commons)
Adolf Hitler (photo credit: German Federal Archive/Wikimedia Commons)

Morell gave Hitler a dizzying array of drugs. He provided intravenous glucose and meth when Hitler needed a shot of energy, especially before his speeches. Morell prescribed barbiturate tranquilizers for insomnia, and Coramine stimulants if Hitler was over-sedated.

In addition, Morell gave Hitler testosterone injections containing bull’s semen, heart and liver extracts, nasal and eye drops containing cocaine, and adrenocorticosteroids, among other drugs.

The methamphetamine might have contributed to Hitler showing signs of Parkinson’s disease as the war dragged on, with one of his top generals, Heinz Guderian, writing that “it was no longer his left hand but the whole of his left side of his body that trembled… He walked awkwardly, stooped more than ever and his gestures were both jerky and slow.”

Before Hitler left to confront Mussolini in 1943, Morell wrote in his diary: “Fuehrer had me sent for at ten-thirty A.M., said he has had the most violent stomach pains since three A.M. and hasn’t slept a wink. His abdomen is as taut as a board, full of gas, with no palpation pains anywhere. Looking very pale and exceptionally jumpy: facing a vital conference with the Duce in Italy tomorrow.

“Diagnosis: Spastic constipation caused by overwork over the last few days — three days with virtually no sleep, one conference after another and working far into the night. Last night he ate white cheese and roll-ups (Rolladen) with spinach and peas.

“As he can’t duck out of some important conferences and decisions before his departure at three-thirty P.M., no narcotics can be given him; I can only give him an intravenous injection of one ampoule of Eupaverin, some gentle stomach massage, two Euflat pills and three spoons of olive oil. Last night he took five Leo pills.

“Before leaving for the airfield I gave him an intramuscular injection of an ampoule of Eukodal. He was looking very bad and rather faint.”

Hitler’s inner circle did not trust Morell, and found both his medical practices and personal hygiene offensive and disgusting. But Hitler trusted him until the Nazi regime collapsed in 1945.

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