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A lifelong interests in investments lead Yann Darwin to become a huge name in the industry

Through hard work and determination, Yann has grown to become one of the most successful people in the industry.


“Do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life,” Marc Anthony.

It’s probably everybody’s desire to turn what they like into a career, but only a few end up doing so. Many people have found themselves in jobs that they don’t like but feel that they cannot afford to quit. This should never be the case; everyone deserves a chance to live the life they desire. It is not easy to streamline your passion or interests into a sustainable career.

The ability to turn interests into passions and, subsequently, career paths is only for the few disciplined individuals. It takes more than just interest but also commitment to achieve success.

Yann Darwin, or Yann-Loic Chort as he is formally known, is one of the few people living his dreams. Yann is a well-known investor in the French and Swiss real estate industry, with numerous investments, including in the financial markets. He is a serial real estate investor and finance expert with vast experience in investments, money management, market analysis, and finance. Yann is also the co-founder of Greenbull, an international finance-based company established in France, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates. Greenbull is one of Yann’s major investments; the company offers a wide variety of financial services in different industries, including real estate, training, education, and insurance.

Yann’s interest in the investment world started during his childhood years. Yann was fascinated with everything to do with investments and grew up with the desire to launch a career in the industry. However, life was not so kind as he found himself in a career as a fireman in France. This was his career for a while before he decided to quit to pursue his real interests. With meager funds, he quickly made a switch to the real estate industry, and he has never looked back.

With determination to find success and better his life, Yann found himself having to double between real estate and investing. He spent numerous years making real estate deals and investing on the side before fully transitioning to a business career.

Through hard work and determination, Yann has grown to become one of the most successful people in the industry. He draws lots of inspiration from Bernard Tapie, the renowned businessman who has been Yann’s role model. According to Yann, Bernard inspired him to choose a career path that would satisfy his passion.
A self-made successful entrepreneur and investor, Yann has since embarked on a campaign to educate and empower others to achieve success. His goal is to change and transform their lives.

Yann currently runs the biggest, investment knowledge-based YouTube channel, where he has over 170k subscribers. You can also learn and shape your future from his insightful teaching by following him on other social platforms, including Instagram.

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